John Stabeno

Father John Stabeno

Father John Stubeno, 50, a 14-year priest in the Diocese of Camden, is renowned for his expertise on drug addictions and recovery. He not only assists those struggling with substance abuse disorders but also their families.

He has been hosting a support group for alcoholics and drug addicts at St. Charles Borromeo parish in Camden for around 10 years, the only one of its kind in the area.

Early Life and Education

For nearly 30 years, John Staveno has dedicated himself to aiding those suffering from drug addiction. His knowledge of the intricacies of drugs and passion for helping those in need have led him to this ministry.

For over 14 years, he has been leading a weekly support group at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Washington Township to encourage those struggling with addiction to talk openly and share their stories.

Stabeno had been working to construct Pope Francis House of Hope in the township, a sober-living facility that would offer men in recovery a safe place to reside. Unfortunately, the Camden diocese recently informed him that they must withdraw his application.

Achievements and Honors

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He also spearheaded the engineering development of DART(r) tsunami technology, which allows NOAA to make accurate tsunami forecasts and creates new U.S. jobs in the process.

He was honored with a Gold Medal for his leadership and scientific accomplishment in studying ocean acidification’s role in sequestering atmospheric CO2, as part of NOAA’s Ocean Atmosphere Carbon Exchange Study (OACES). Additionally, his contributions toward creating the moored ocean CO2 program and New Millennium Observatory Network’s interactive sea floor sampling system – providing timely public access to finalized and real-time data sets – are recognized.

Personal Life

Father John Stabeno has dedicated the past 30 years to aiding those suffering from addiction problems. As director of Catholic Charities’ Addiction Healing Ministry in Camden, New Jersey, he has been at the forefront of helping addicts, their families and the communities they live in.

His vision for a sober living facility in Washington Township, New Jersey–aptly named the Pope Francis House of Hope–is an ambitious one. Not only has it taken some time to come into being, but Stabeno is now back at work overseeing various programs as part of his mission to assist addicts and their loved ones in winning the battle against addiction.

Net Worth

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