John Stackle

John Stackle – A Project Manager With Over 30 Years of Experience

John Stackle is an iconic figure within the industry, having worked for more than three decades.

He currently works as a Controller at Lionmark Inc. and resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Early Life and Education

John Stackle overcame many obstacles to attain a good education. He studied physics and mathematics at the University of Illinois, eventually becoming a professor. Additionally, he published several books.

John stackle has learned the beneficial impact that education can have on one’s life. Through hard work and determination, he was able to achieve success in his career and provide for himself and his family – providing an inspiring example of what can be accomplished when someone commits themselves fully. Furthermore, John has a deep faith in God as well as a good sense of humor which make him highly qualified for this position; additionally, he has made numerous valuable contributions to the community.

Professional Career

John is an experienced project manager with more than seven years of experience growing revenue for a Massachusetts-based electronics firm. His leadership skillset has allowed him to increase customer satisfaction scores while his attention to detail shows in every step of each project he oversees, from inception through its completion.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and an MBA from Boston College. He is highly organized, self-motivated, and proficient with computers. He enjoys taking on challenging projects that stretch him; this has earned him recognition and awards from clients and colleagues alike for his hard work.

Personal Life

John Stackle was a retired engineer who served in the U.S. Air Force for 14 years. After retiring, he lived in Janesville, Wisconsin until 2000 when his wife passed away. A member of Faith Lutheran Church and Moose Lodge #197, John enjoyed traveling, reading books, watching movies and enjoying life to its fullest.

John Stackle was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to John and Minnie (Schneider) Stackle. He married Leona Nyborg in 1950 and passed away August 25, 2014 in Boulder City, Nevada. Surviving him are his children Larry (Melinda) Stackle of Janesville; John Jr. (Janet) Stackle and Teresa Wesley of Janesville; 9 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; as well as 1 sister Jean Stackle from Watertown Wisconsin. He was predeceased by both of his parents before entering into retirement.

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