John Vassilaki

Penticton Mayor John Vassilaki

Mayor John Vassilaki remains the same 76-year-old he was when he last served on city council in 2014. He does not use texting, uses the internet sparingly and relies solely on hard copies of agendas when working.

Vassilaki has not relented in his campaign to shut down Victory Church shelter, which houses 42 people. Vassilaki and city council voted twice against BC Housing’s request for an extension which would have allowed it to remain open until March 2022.

Early Life and Education

John Vassilaki is a well-known businessman in Penticton, B.C. He is running for mayor of the city in October’s municipal election after serving four terms on council for 12 years and finishing second to incumbent Andrew Jakubeit in 2014’s mayoral race.

Court documents filed last week accuse the mayor of threatening to kill his brother and sister as well as physically assaulting him during a property dispute that began two years ago. A voicemail warning his sister that he would kill her has also been left. Nicholas Vassilakakis, who spells his surname differently, has asked the court to dismiss the civil claim and rule in his favour in an earlier counterclaim he filed. He seeks aggravated damages for all the distress and humiliation he endured during this incident.

Professional Career

Last year, Mayor Greg Clark made headlines with his battle against former Housing Minister David Eby and the decision to keep Victory Church’s temporary shelter open beyond its scheduled closure date. Additionally, he credited the city’s new “hand up, not a handout” approach to homelessness with helping those experiencing homelessness transition into housing.

His professional career has spanned nearly four decades. He began as a financial planner and has since held positions in banking, insurance and business services. Additionally, he founded several businesses such as a wine and food business and restaurant. Furthermore, he served on the board of directors of both Okanagan Chamber of Commerce and Business Council of British Columbia before being appointed chairman of Okanagan Economic Development Commission.

Achievements and Honors

John Vassilaki, the mayor of Penticton, is a well-known and esteemed figure in local government circles. He has held various elected offices over the years.

In his four years in office, he has made some remarkable accomplishments for both Penticton and the region. Highlights of his tenure include working on the North Gateway development plan, opening Edmonton Avenue childcare centre and reviewing Penticton’s development cost charges.

He’s well known for his family’s expansive real estate portfolio and the last call liquor store he and his wife run. It’s no secret that their business ventures have been some of the dirtiest around, so it comes as no shock that he has found himself involved in numerous high-profile legal disputes.

Personal Life

Former Penticton Mayor John Vassilaki has a turbulent family background. He’s currently involved in a lawsuit over his brother’s withholding of income from a rental property.

Vassilaki owns The Cellar wine bar on Main Street, two blocks from the city’s homeless shelter. According to land registry documents, its declared land value is $419,500.

He’s co-owned a lot on Martin Street that’s two blocks away from the shelter with an assessed land value of $710,000. Additionally, he owns one-third of Tiffany’s Boutique Mall, a mini mall featuring several boutique shops and residential apartments.

Net Worth

Vassilaki was elected Mayor of Penticton in 2018 and enjoyed his term. His passion lies in serving the community with enthusiasm.

The 67-year-old owns several properties in downtown Ottawa, including residential apartments and a boutique mall. Additionally, he operates his own liquor store and wine bar.

He’s currently involved in a lawsuit with his brother Nicholas Vassilaki over the ownership of a wine bar. According to the suit, Florio Michael and George Vassilaki conspired with John to “freeze” his brother’s share of the family business.

PressProgress recently obtained land registry documents which reveal Vassilaki co-owns a building on Main Street two blocks from the homeless shelter with an assessed land value of $419,500. Additionally, The Cellar wine bar, owned by Vassilaki and his nephews, is located close by at this same address.

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