John Verra

John Verra

Verra is a leader in global environmental standards setting, having approved three-quarters of all voluntary carbon offsets worldwide. Its rainforest protection programme accounts for 40% of these credits.

An investigation conducted over nine months by The Guardian, SourceMaterial and Die Zeit has revealed that Verra’s rainforest protection programmes appear to be overstating forest loss by 400%. These findings raise serious concerns for companies relying on offsets as part of their net zero strategies.

Early Life and Education

Verra was born and raised in Natick, MA and played baseball for several of Natick’s coaches such as John Carroll, Bill Lacouture, and Tom Lamb.

Verra found coaching to be an ideal career. He spent three years as a guidance counselor at Hopkinton High School, where he also coached their baseball team for three years.

He served as a Pinkerton Community Fellow at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES), a Vera spinoff, providing support to college program participants.

His work in education is a reflection of his lifelong dedication to justice-involved students and he remains passionate about aiding them. He believes that all students can succeed with the right guidance and support; this belief led him to accept the position as special education director in Pasco County, Florida.

Professional Career

John Verra has a successful professional career in the rapidly developing climate and sustainability market. His efforts encompass the design and creation of standards, frameworks, and programs that assess climate-related activities’ effects on sustainable development.

He has formed advisory groups and committees to guide and support the creation and execution of Verra’s programs and work. These cross-sector multi-stakeholder gatherings guarantee that Verra standards and frameworks promote sustainable development through market mechanisms based on results.

The Sustainable Development Advisory Group (SDAG) provides technical guidance and rules for the implementation and monitoring of activities that contribute to the SDGs, strategic advice on Verra’s standards and frameworks, as well as advice on existing and prospective market opportunities for projects with sustainable development impacts. This support will primarily focus on the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta Program), Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB Program), and the SD Contributions Report.

Achievements and Honors

John Verra has achieved great success in his life. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, is the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, and serves on multiple nonprofit board of directors.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer of a private non-profit that promotes sustainability. As such, he has received numerous honors and awards.

He has been awarded numerous scholarships from the University at Albany in recognition of his academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities. He has a deep-seated interest in communications, comics, movies, and pro-wrestling; enjoys traveling and discovering new worlds; shares respect for our country’s founding principles; and most of all has an immense love for family and friends.

Personal Life

John Verra hails from Natick, Massachusetts where he played baseball for legendary coaches such as Bill Lacouture, Tom Lamb and Bob Ghilani. Today, John works as both a Hopkinton High School guidance counselor and assistant baseball coach.

He visited Tanzania a few months ago as part of Medway Community Church’s mission group and experienced life beyond his wildest dreams – an experience which profoundly moved him.

John enjoys reading fiction novels and writing them himself. He also enjoys sports, along with spending quality time with family. John is an active member of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), a bipartisan climate initiative.

Net Worth

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