John Visconsi

John Visconsi

John Visconsi is a Senior Vice President in the Western Region for Kimco Realty Corporation, based out of Vista, California.

John specializes in commercial leasing, financing and real estate transactions. He negotiates, drafts and reviews various real estate contracts for retail, office and industrial uses. John represents local and national clients with their leasing, purchase/sale and development needs.

Early Life and Education

In the late 17th century, England faced major crises in science, politics, and economics. Leading English writers such as William Davenant, John Milton, John Dryden, Henry Neville, and Aphra Behn used serious literature to spark social change through awareness and activism.

The challenge they faced was how to turn their pedagogy of civic exemplaryness into an effective “remedy for the natural barbarism of the English race”(4). By fictionalizing the original expressions of laws, writing about the foundations of states, and vividly charting contemporary transitions from archaic savagery to civil modernity, these writers helped bring into being a mode of individual conduct–the rights-bearing deliberative subject–at the heart of political liberalism. In Lines of Equity, Elliott Visconsi explores how they achieved this aim through an imaginative program of literary fiction known as “imaginative originalism.” He offers an insightful new interpretation of this pivotal moment in legal culture, drawing from historical and social sources such as Sir Henry Vane the Younger and Algernon Sidney’s careers, Charles II’s trials, and Henry Neville’s writings. These sources offer a compelling new perspective on this pivotal period in legal history.

Professional Career

Visconsi has had a diverse professional career, serving as both real estate lawyer and attorney in the financial industry. He has worked with numerous prestigious clients such as Fortune 500 companies and local landlords; additionally, he has negotiated numerous real estate contracts for office, industrial, and retail uses.

Visconsi is renowned for his professional accomplishments and philanthropic activities. He has supported various charities such as the American Cancer Society and Salvation Army, plus he’s involved with San Diego Zoo’s “Circle of Life” initiative. Among many other accolades, he was named a Rising Star in 2006 and 2008 – an accolade given to lawyers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and professionalism during their careers.

Achievements and Honors

Visconsi has earned numerous awards and recognitions for his work. In 2013, the state of California selected him as a Rising Star, an honor reserved only for attorneys considered among the best in their field.

He has also been recognized for his academic accomplishments. He earned the title of president of his class, and was a member of the National Honor Society for several years.

He was honored with the Gold Key, an esteemed award for excellence in writing. A published author with several books under his belt, he has been invited to speak at conferences numerous times and received a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies.

Personal Life

Visconsi, associate provost and chief academic digital officer at Notre Dame, has a deep-seated interest in law, literature and political thought from early modern England. Additionally, he is dedicated to upholding academic freedom and free speech rights in today’s digital era.

His research and teaching focus on issues of racial identity, religious pluralism and the interplay of disinformation, persuasion and democracy in contemporary politics. He has presented on these topics at colleges and universities both domestically and abroad.

He emphasizes the theme of equity throughout all authors he examines, particularly Dryden, Milton and Aphra Behn. Each work was created with the purpose of imparting moral instruction to readers and audiences alike.

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