Johnna Adams

Johnna Adams

Johnna Adams is an award-winning playwright whose works can be seen at theatres nationwide. She graduated with a BFA from DePaul University, and earned an MFA at Hunter College under Tina Howe.

Gidion’s Knot is a drama which explores the intersection between tragedy and bureaucracy, levels of responsibility when raising children, and what it means to be both mother and teacher.

Early Life and Education

John Adams was born into a comfortable but not particularly wealthy New England farming family on October 30, 1735. Though smart, John initially preferred hunting and fishing over learning. However, his father Deacon John Adams eventually convinced his son to attend Harvard.

He quickly gained prominence as an attorney, amassing the highest case load in Boston and successfully defending British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre. By age 21 he had become a national figure.

Johnna has created an unforgettable playwriting voice. In 2013, she received a Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association Citation for Gidion’s Knot which premiered at The Contemporary American Theatre Festival and was shortlisted for both Princess Grace Award and Susan Smith Blackburn award nominations in 2012.

Professional Career

Johnna Adams has written numerous plays spanning grief meditations to wild farcical verse plays and Southern gothic supernatural dramas. She won the 2011 Princess Grace Award and 2012 Finalist Susan Smith Blackburn Award; her works have been produced or developed at South Coast Repertory, Lark New Play Development Center, One Coast Collaboration, Yale Cabaret among other venues.

Gidion’s Knot is an exhilarating and thought-provoking drama that will leave audiences talking long after its closing night at The Profiles Theatre. Currently playing there, this engaging drama explores gray areas between student/teacher relationships, parental responsibility and school system breakdown.

This drama follows a mother and his son’s teacher during an afternoon meeting that turns into an increasingly heated verbal confrontation regarding bullying, freedom of expression and other concerns associated with 5th grade students.

Achievement and Honors

Johnna Adams has received two prestigious honors – Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association Citations and Susan Smith Blackburn Award as well as being named a finalist in 2012. Her plays range from meditations on grief, wild farcical Alexandrine verse plays, and hard to explain Southern gothic supernatural tragedies – performing or being developed at Flux Theatre Ensemble, The Astoria Performing Arts Center & Studio, Peculiar Works Productions Wordspace 59E59 Contemporary American Theater Festival among many others.

Moxie Theatre founding artistic director Delicia Turner Sonnenberg considers Johnna Adams to be one of the company’s “Moxie girls”, due to her boldly challenging scripts which suit its mission. Moxie will premiere Skinless this week – an interactive horror sci-fi play set in a forest full of skinless zombies which examines issues of gender equality, freedom of expression and maternal loyalty with Sonya McCarter as Corryn Fell and Lauren Drexler as Heather Clark in leading roles respectively. The play stars Sonya McCarter as Corryn Fell while Lauren Drexler plays Heather Clark as Corryn Fell while Sonya McCarter appears alongside Lauren Drexler as Corryn Fell as Corryn Fell while Lauren Drexler will portray Heather Clark as her maternal counterpart Lauren Drexler performs.

Personal Life

Johnna Adams is an award-winning playwright who writes with bold voice and diverse genre and styles. She has written plays that range from meditations on grief, wild farcical verse plays, Southern gothic supernatural pieces as well as difficult to explain in-your-face tragicoms.

Flux Theatre Ensemble in NYC, The Astoria Performing Arts Center, Peculiar Works Productions, Impetuous Theater and Wordspace have produced her plays. Gidion’s Knot earned her the Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association Citation and publication in American Theatre Magazine; Gidion also graduated DePaul University’s School of Theatre as well as Hunter College MFA Program under Tina Howe in 2012. Other plays she has written include Sans Merci, World Builders, Lickspittles Buttonholers And Damned Pernicious Go Betweens And Angel Eaters trilogy trilogys; she currently acts with Write Act Repertory in Chicago.

Net Worth

University of Missouri graduate Tiffany Martin made her name in American sports broadcasting through appearances on football fantasy shows like SiriusXM’s Livin’ the Fantasy and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone, in addition to working at FanDuel.

Adams currently hosts Up and Adams on DAZN alongside Sugar Ray Leonard, Brian Kenny, and LZ Granderson. She was cast as Divine in the 2022 netfilix series Wednesday as well as featuring in the film First Love.

As per her latest Form 4 filing on January 4, 2019; rising radio personality Amanda Marie Osorio owns at least 7,500 shares of Flotek Industries Inc stock; her estimated net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $1.2 million dollars. In addition, her impressive radio skills and vast football knowledge have allowed her to generate significant earnings throughout her career.

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