Johns Woodworking

Johns Woodworking

Woodworking is an art form in which wood is crafted into functional items such as cabinets, furniture, carving, joinery and carpentry.

Power tools have revolutionized the field of woodworking, yet skilled fine woodworking remains a popular hobby for many.

John White is a retired FWW woodshop manager who now devotes his time to writing, teaching, designing and consulting. Additionally, he’s an acclaimed tool expert and collector.

Early Life and Education

John developed an interest in reading while growing up in Athens, Georgia. This spark ignited a passion for education that eventually led him to college.

John was raised in a small town by working class parents who did their best to give their children an excellent educational foundation. Growing up, John always had aspirations of becoming something more than just another worker.

Once he graduated high school, he was accepted to MIT on a scholarship. However, shortly after leaving the program he founded Room to Read – a nonprofit organization dedicated to children’s literacy and girls’ education.

Professional Career

Woodworking is an exciting and rewarding profession that demands a high degree of craftsmanship. Popular professions in woodworking include cabinet makers, furniture builders and machine operators.

Woodworkers must possess creativity and the capacity to collaborate effectively with others. An eye for design will add an extra dimension to your job, making it more captivating and appealing to customers.

Additionally, woodworkers may require specialized training in order to progress in their career. This could include math, architecture or computer technology. The exact qualifications that a woodworker must possess depend on the position they are applying for.

Achievements and Honors

John’s Woodworking has earned its share of accolades and honors, the most noteworthy being their recent win in the Technical Excellence and Innovation awards category. This award recognizes companies that demonstrate exceptional proficiency in manufacturing a specific product or service. Besides this honor, they have also received other prestigious recognitions.

John’s Woodworking has received many honors over the years, but none quite compare to those presented during graduation ceremonies in May of each graduating class. These include student achievement awards which recognize both outstanding students and top graduating classes; these are presented by an external committee at a ceremony held in St. John’s historic rotunda where winners are announced with ribbon and certificate presentations – a fitting testament to both its rich heritage and generous donors.

Personal Life

John was raised with an aspirational mindset, yet also had a pragmatic side. This combination formed his approach to woodworking and allowed him to craft an unique brand voice that has inspired and empowered thousands of woodworkers around the world.

In 1999, John made the decision to leave his corporate career behind and focus on founding a nonprofit organization. His new mission was to improve children’s lives around the world through education.

His ambition was to use his gift of creativity in a positive way for millions of children around the world. So he co-founded Room to Read, a non-profit organization that provides books and literacy training in developing countries. Though leaving Microsoft seemed like an enormous risk, it has proved rewarding for all those impacted by his work.

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