Jovi Nicole Engbino Parents

Jovi Nicole Engbino Parents

Jovi Nicole Engbino is a fitness influencer and model. She also works as a beauty consultant and trainee nurse. She was born in Hawaii and her father is Asian. She has one younger brother. Her net worth is $300k. Among other things, she is married to football player Manti Te’o. The two have been together for a long time and have a daughter named Hiromi Nawai Anelalani Te’o. They announced that they are expecting their second child in 2022.

Originally, Jovi was a qualified deals support professional. She worked for many brands and manufacturers. Later, she became a personal trainer. She has a great passion for fitness and beauty. In fact, she has been involved in the field for a long time.

During her college years, she studied business administration. Afterward, she continued her education by enrolling in Arizona State University. After graduating from Arizona State University in 2007, she went on to work for the Chicago Bears, the Point Loma Sports Club and many other brands. She now has a successful career and is a rising star.

Although she has a young age, Jovi has an amazing personality and has a strong character. She has been very vocal about the progress she has made and the changes she has achieved in her life. Moreover, she has received many prayers from her fans. She is very active on social media and posts her fitness routines and wellness procedures.

Previously, Jovi was dating Manti Te’o. Though the two were in a relationship for four years, they decided to get married in August 2020. Both Jovi and Te’o have a child, who they will officially introduce to the world on August 17 of that year.

Currently, Jovi is pursuing a nursing certificate at an unidentified school. This has helped her become an independent health specialist. While she is not a full-time employee, she generates a substantial income from her work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Additionally, she makes money from her social networking platforms.

According to her Instagram profile, she posts about her workout routine and wellness procedures. In addition, she has been very vocal about the improvements she has achieved internationally. She is very responsible, loves to travel and makes the most of her free time. Moreover, she climbs when she has a chance.

Despite being a successful businesswoman, she still manages to balance her career and her family. She has been working hard to prove that she has progressed over the years. But, she needs to generate some money from her own business. Moreover, she is a great believer in the LDS religion.

Besides her work as a fitness trainer and model, she is also a personal trainer and beauty consultant. In the future, she plans to have a son with her husband. Aside from that, she is a huge fan of the NFL. One of her favorite players is Michael Vick. Nevertheless, the footballer is no longer a member of the NFL and has recently been released from his contract.

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