Jpegmafia Net Worth

Jpegmafia has taken great interest in music and has created some very popular tracks. His new album Veteran has earned immense respect from both fans and critics alike.

He has earned an enormous sum through his rapping career and producing successful albums such as Veteran. Additionally, he earns money through brand promotion activities.

Early Life and Education

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, better known by his stage name Jpegmafia was born on 22nd October 1989 in New York, USA and has garnered much acclaim for his musical works since that date.

He began his career by producing beats before transitioning into rapping. Since then, his albums Black Ben Carson and Veteran on Deathbomb Arc label have received much acclaim from critics and fans alike.

He believes the world requires sincere free thinkers, and uses his music as an outlet. Through his songs he has spoken out against racism, misogyny, and political piracy; participated in protests for social justice issues such as Freddie Gray; performed at various music festivals worldwide and even organized them.

Professional Career

Jpegmafia has established himself as one of the best rappers worldwide. His musical influence can be felt across cultures worldwide and he has amassed an enormous fortune through his career as a rapper.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Later relocating to Alabama and Louisiana as a teen. Later still joining the Air Force. Serving four years across Iraq, Germany and Japan before being honorably discharged.

He later moved to Baltimore and embarked upon a music career, releasing mixtapes and full-length albums – his 2018 album Veteran garnered critical acclaim, while 2019 follow up, All My Heroes Are Cornballs also gained widespread appreciation from critics. Furthermore, he took an interest in painting and photography.

Achievement and Honors

Jpegmafia has made his mark in music and rapping. With many successful singles and albums under his belt, he has received much acclaim and appreciation.

He has collaborated with prominent artists and rappers. Additionally, he has participated in multiple projects and won various awards.

He started creating music as Devon Hendryx while serving in Japan, later moving to Baltimore where he adopted the moniker JPEGMafia. Since then he has released various mixtapes and an album entitled Black Ben Carson featuring more aggressive and distorted sounds than in his earlier works.

Scaring the Hoes, an anticipated collaboration with Danny Brown, was met with widespread approval upon its 2023 release. Fans and critics alike have lauded its complex rhymes and off-kilter flows, which are rare within today’s hip-hop scene.

Personal Life

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks aka Jpegmafia has made quite the name for himself in the music industry. As one of today’s most acclaimed rappers, his music has gained him fans around the globe and earned him a vast fortune from albums and merch sales.

Veteran, released through Deathbomb Arc in 2018, earned widespread acclaim and in 2019 All My Heroes Are Cornballs was also met with critical praise.

He does not yet have any children but is in a relationship with an unknown woman, whom he spends his free time and enjoys many adventures together. Additionally, he remains active on social media by regularly promoting brands from time to time.

Net Worth

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, better known by his stage name JPEGMafia (stylized in all caps), is an American rapper, singer and record producer. Born and raised primarily in Flatbush and Brooklyn before relocating to Alabama at 13 for higher education studies; there, Hendricks experienced racism that profoundly shaped him as an individual.

JPEGMafia first began rapping while stationed in Japan before transitioning back to Baltimore after his discharge. Originally using Devon Hendryx as his name, but switching over to JPEGMafia with his release of Communist Slow Jams mixtape.

Since 2016 he has built up his career steadily and become well-known. His 2018 Deathbomb Arc album Veteran received widespread critical acclaim and ended up on many year-end lists, followed by 2019’s All My Heroes Are Cornballs which also garnered critical acclaim.

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