Kandi Burruss Halloween Costume

Kandi Burruss in a Halloween Costume That Will Make Your Head Spin

With Halloween just a few days away, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is already wearing a costume that is sure to make your head spin. Earlier this week, the mom of two took to Instagram to show off her look. This Halloween, Kandi is channeling her inner Cotton Kandi, which she says is a cartoon character she loves. She also teased fans by taking a few photos of herself posing with friends.

For her Halloween costume this year, Kandi worked with an expert team including makeup artist Lah Luvie, photographer @MorrisDe/DeMorris Marable, and digital creator Hause of Glam. The result was an impressive look that includes a jagged mesh panel, faux fur shoulders, and bright red choker.

Kandi also wore a leopard-print bodysuit courtesy of Hause of Glam. Her makeup artist, Lah Luvie, fashioned a leopard face that was definitely worth the hype. In addition to the face paint, Kandi’s hair and nails were adorned with gold accents. The hair was styled into a sleek ponytail by Jodie Rowlands, who fastened the braids with gold cording.

Another one of Kandi’s favorite Halloween costumes is her Pennywise look. She recently dressed as the fictional cartoon character in a video posted to Instagram. She explained the process of the look to fans on the social media platform. In the video, she recommended products that she used to achieve the costume. She also gave some advice to newbies who are dressing up for the holiday.

While Kandi isn’t the only celebrity that is going all out this Halloween, she has been doing it with aplomb. She has also dressed up as a zombie cheerleader, a mail carrier, a princess, a magical fairy, a skeleton, a cheetah print top, and a spider queen. Even her daughter, Royalty, got into the spirit by dressing up as a zombie at a party.

Meanwhile, her sister, Blaze Tucker, dressed up as Liberty from Paw Patrol. In other Halloween news, Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty also posed as a zombie, and Usher and Jermaine Dupri posed as a couple at the party. However, it’s Kandi’s feline look that is the show stopper. It’s frightening but gorgeous.

Despite her daughter’s Halloween costume, Kandi was still showing off her other epic looks. Her son Ace Wells Tucker also had a spooky Halloween. He donned a Grim Reaper costume. He also wore a red garter belt and a white wig. The only thing missing from his outfit was a mask. The costume is reportedly available on Amazon for 99 cents.

This year, her costume was the best of the best. Besides, her cat costume has been a hit with fans. She’s been making jokes about her costume twice on her Instagram stories. She’s also been teasing her fans with a live stream of her outfit. She’s been sharing photos of her friends’ Halloween costumes, too. She’s also gotten a few well-deserved compliments on her look. Hopefully, she’ll continue to share her Halloween costume with us!

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