Kanye West Dressed As A Tree

Kim Kardashian West Dressed As a Tree For Christmas

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian sent Kanye West a very special holiday message. It wasn’t all cheer and joy though. It also included a very rude reminder that she wasn’t happy with how things were going between the two of them.

Kim Kardashian’s holiday message to him

During the holiday season, the Kardashian-West family shared their annual Christmas card. The photo is a snapshot of the family, including all the kids. In the picture, Kim Kardashian West was bundled up with her son Saint. Her daughter Chicago was also pictured in the photo, wearing a pink velvet outfit.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have remained friends, despite their divorce. Kim is still planning to spend the holidays with Kanye.

In addition to sharing the holiday card, Kanye West posted a picture of the family on his Twitter account. Kim wore a gold dress matching the yellow ‘do that Kanye recently wore. The picture looks like it would fit into a major fashion magazine.

While the Kardashian-West family usually shares a family photo on their annual Christmas card, Kendall Jenner was not included this year. In addition to Kendall, the card did not include the youngest Jenner daughter, Stormi.

In the past, the Kardashian-West family has had baby daddies featured on their holiday cards. In addition to Kim, Kanye has also been pictured holding his youngest daughter, Saint.

His Christmas tree

Despite being in the middle of a divorce, Kim Kardashian managed to decorate her Bel Air mansion for the holidays. She also used the newest trend in home decoration – the Christmas tree – to display her Christmas spirit. She’s decorated with a neutral palette of white, cream and brown, which makes for a very wintery look.

The oh so fancy Christmas tree in her living room took six people to get into. And that’s not counting Kanye, who was dressed in a long black coat and sporting a stocking filled with cane sized candy canes. She also threw in a few life-sized deer figurines for good measure. She also managed to get the big ol’ tree to stand out from the crowd.

The tree was actually created by British fashion designer Gareth Pugh, who has a knack for wearable sculptures and tiered pyramids. It echoed the traditional shape of an evergreen Christmas tree and also tapped into the zeitgeist of coming together as a community.

His latest social media rant

During the Paris Fashion Show, Kanye West sparked outrage when he wore a shirt with the phrase “White Lives Matter” on it. The fashion company, Gap, dropped Kanye from their brand in response to his comments.

The rapper, who is dating Kim Kardashian, also has made some harsh comments on social media about the “Jews” controlling rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. He also accused Kim of “kidnapping” their daughter Chicago last week. In response to the backlash, Kanye Ye has posted a message for his fans and followers. He also shared screenshots of private text messages he had with Kim.

Kanye also tweeted about how the two were hoping to get back together. He also claimed that God is working to bring them back together. He also shared photos of Kim’s March 2022 Vogue cover story.

Kanye Ye also shared a photo of a pickup truck filled with red roses. He also posted a message to Kim and Pete. The rapper has previously been vocal about his hatred for Jews, so it’s no surprise that he’s taking it to a new level.

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