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Kaskade and His Wife Naomi

Kaskade, real name Ryan Raddon, is one of the world’s highest-paid DJs. His music has sold out major venues and he has won numerous awards. He also has a family that supports him in his career.

Naomi Raddon is an avid traveler and flier who works for her husband’s label as business manager. The couple has three children, Mia, Sasha and Isla.

Early Life and Education

In the world of electronic dance music, Kaskade stands as a rare breed of talent. He combines the demands of his career with his responsibilities as a husband and father. His ability to balance these two roles is a testament to his dedication and work ethic.

The DJ is married to Naomi Maria Miranda-Raddon. They have three daughters together. The couple keeps their family life private, but they do share occasional glimpses of it on their social media accounts. Naomi is an avid traveler and flier and often shares her pictures on her Instagram account, naomiraddon.

The DJ also has an interest in astronomy and photography. His Instagram posts showcase these interests and highlight his love for nature. He is of White German ethnicity.

Professional Career

Kaskade is a Grammy-nominated DJ, producer, and musician with numerous hits and iconic albums under his belt. Besides his music, he also makes money by endorsing various brands and doing a number of live performances.

Naomi Raddon has been a pillar of support for her husband’s career. She works as a business manager for his label and has spoken in interviews about how she’s helped him navigate the industry.

In her spare time, Naomi loves to travel and has a passion for flying. She has a pilot’s license and often shares pictures of her experiences on social media. She also has a dedicated helicopter account with her name on it. She flies a Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter and has shared several videos of her in the cockpit.

Achievement and Honors

Kaskade has racked up a number of impressive accolades over the course of his career. The multi-GRAMMY-nominated DJ has released twelve studio albums and is the first EDM artist to secure a Las Vegas residency.

His signature sound is a fusion of melodic house, progressive trance, and pop, with pulsating beats and mesmerizing vocals that capture the soul of the listener. His ethereal collaboration with Mindy Gledhill on the song “Eyes” is an example of this.

His approach to balancing his career and family life serves as an inspiration for artists and parents alike. He often posts glimpses of his home life on social media, demonstrating that a strong bond is possible despite the demands of an illustrious music career. He and his wife, Naomi Raddon, are parents to three children.

Personal Life

Kaskade has always loved and cherished his wife, Naomi. She has been with him throughout his career, even though it has meant her traveling quite a lot.

She has also been a great support system for his daughters, Mia and Sasha. In her many social media posts, she has talked about how much she loves them and how she admires their talents.

Kaskade’s dedication to his family is an inspiring one. It proves that you can have both a successful music career and a happy personal life.

Net Worth

Kaskade is a very well-known name in the music industry and has earned a good amount of fame, wealth, and popularity as a result of his profession. He has been a DJ for over two decades now and has collaborated with several popular musicians as well.

He has also headlined several festivals and holds residency shows at top clubs in Las Vegas and other cities. His music is a perfect blend of dance, electronic, and pop and has received massive support from fans and critics alike.

He is a devout Mormon and follows the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He attended Glenbrook North High School and later studied at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He then served a two-year mission for his religion in Japan.

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