Katherine David

Katherine David Net Worth and Personal Life

Katherine David is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team. She has extensive expertise handling high-value and complex litigation matters.

She specializes in a range of matters such as contractual disputes, director and shareholder disagreements and professional negligence. Furthermore, her expertise extends to trust litigation and offshore disputes.

Early Life and Education

Her parents were of French-Canadian and African Indian descent. She spent her early childhood years in Glen Ellyn, Illinois – a small town located fifteen miles west of Chicago.

She later followed her brother Albert to the University of Chicago, where she studied anthropology under Robert Redfield, an expert on American Indian and African cultures. It was there that she met Robert Redfield.

Katherine developed an interest in dance after joining the Terpsichorean Club and learning a style of modern dance.

Her brother David was born with an immunodeficiency disorder, meaning that he relied on her bone marrow for a functioning immune system. Because her cells were genetically similar to his, doctors hoped that she could provide him with assistance.

Professional Career

Katherine David is an acclaimed actress and television personality who has appeared on countless shows and movies. For her achievements, Katherine David has earned numerous awards throughout her career.

She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has earned multiple Emmy Award nominations for her roles on various TV shows. Furthermore, she writes and publishes libertarian-leaning columns.

She is a native of Montgomery, Alabama and the daughter of Alan Webb and Leslie Webb.

Achievements and Honors

Katherine Johnson, an African American woman, pioneered the way for other women of color to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math). Unfortunately her contributions to NASA’s space program went unrecognized until Margot Lee Shetterly released Hidden Figures book.

She earned a variety of accolades for her contributions to science, including the NASA Lunar Orbiter Award and three NASA Special Achievement Awards. President Barack Obama recognized her in 2015 as “a pioneer who broke barriers of race and gender”; later that year she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She received honorary degrees from SUNY Farmingdale and Maryland’s Capitol College, is an advocate for women in business and the arts, and served on the board of directors at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Personal Life

Katherine David is a French journalist and novelist best known for her biography of Simone Signoret, as well as several articles for Le Nouvel Observateur newspaper.

She has also published several books on France’s history and culture. Additionally, she writes social commentary and serves as a libertarian columnist.

As a journalist, she has an avid interest in cultural studies and philosophy history. Her work has been published widely across international journals.

Despite her success as an established star, she remains guarded about her personal life. Unlike some of her co-stars on ‘Shadowhunters’ who have been linked to other celebrities, she keeps her dating life private.

Net Worth

Katherine David maintains her fame and success while keeping her personal life private. On social media platforms, Katherine David does not share the name of her boyfriend or his age.

Her fans speculate that she and Cody Webb are an item, though it appears unlikely they will confirm their relationship any time soon.

Her father Tim Allen boasts a total net worth of $100 million as of early 2022, having earned an average of $345,000 per episode of Last Man Standing and owning substantial real estate portfolio.

On the other hand, her mother Laura boasts a net worth of $2 million. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and keeps several luxury cars in her garage.

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