Kenn Ricci Net Worth

Kenn Ricci is a well-recognized American aviation entrepreneur. He has founded or acquired multiple aviation businesses, such as Flight Options and Flexjet. Additionally, he serves on the boards of both Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Smithsonian.

He is also responsible for founding Zanite, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that has since merged with Embraer’s EVE electric vertical aircraft spin-off company, Resilience Capital Partners, Nextant Aerospace, and Constant Aviation businesses.

Early Life and Education

Kenn Ricci is widely known for being an accomplished Entrepreneur. Born September 3rd 1956 and currently living in the United States.

He possesses an exceptional work ethic and always puts forth his best effort in all he does. He strives hard to meet his goals while not fearing taking risks.

Kenn and his wife are avid philanthropists. In 2017, he donated $100 million to Notre Dame via his Charitable Succession Partnership that he invented – one of the largest unrestricted gifts ever given by them to any charitable institution.

He is an avid aviation enthusiast, having founded, acquired or financed an array of aviation enterprises over time. Currently he serves as principal at Directional Aviation Capital which owns and operates numerous aviation businesses such as Flexjet and Flight Options.

Professional Career

Kenn Ricci is an renowned American Entrepreneur aged 62 with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. His fortune was amassed through an esteemed career in Aviation Industry.

Kenneth Ricci became passionate about flying while an ROTC cadet and abandoned his plans of becoming an accountant – instead building up an $2.5 billion aviation empire under his management.

Ricci is the principal of Directional Aviation Capital, an aviation holdings and operations firm which owns and operates various aviation enterprises including Flexjet. His company also holds stakes in Flight Options, Sentient Jet, Stonebriar Commercial Finance Tuvoli and Nextant Aerospace. During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign he served as his personal pilot; today, he has been recognized by The Living Legends of Aviation group which recognizes aviation leaders, innovators and record-breakers.

Achievement and Honors

Kenn Ricci has achieved great success throughout his life through hard work and determination, inspiring many around the globe with his story of perseverance.

He has made tremendous donations to charitable causes as well. In 2017, he donated $100 million through a Charitable Succession Partnership that he invented – making this the largest unrestricted gift in school history.

He is the principal of Directional Aviation Capital, which manages several private aviation businesses including aircraft management and charter operator Corporate Wings; flight schools Flexjet, Flight Options, Sky Jet and Sentient Jet; air taxi startup Tuvoli and aerospace remanufacturer Nextant Aerospace. Recently the company received the Living Legends of Aviation Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award – previously bestowed upon Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher, FedEx co-founder Fred Smith and Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson among others.

Personal Life

Kenn Ricci is an extremely successful Entrepreneur currently worth an estimated $1-5 Million. Additionally, he is widely recognized as an active philanthropist who supports various causes while aiding those in need. Kenn and Pamela Ricci live together with their three children Elizabeth, Kennedy and Austin in the Los Angeles area.

Directional Aviation Capital, owned by Ricci and consisting of Flexjet, Sentient Jet, PrivateFly, FXAIR and Nextant Aerospace among others, was formed with his passion for aviation stemming back from being an Air Force ROTC cadet at Notre Dame University.

In 2017 through a charitable trust, he made an unrestricted gift of $100 million to Notre Dame University through an unrestricted charitable trust, making this donation the single-largest unrestricted gift in school history. He serves as trustee for Smithsonian Institution and graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of Law as an attorney; additionally he’s active with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Northeast Ohio chapter.

Net Worth

Kenn Ricci is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million dollars, earned through his career as an aviation entrepreneur. He serves as Principal and Director for Directional Aviation Capital which owns Flight Options and Flexjet as well as other aviation firms such as PrivateFly, Corporate Wings and Nextant Aerospace.

He is also an active philanthropist, supporting charities such as Able Flight which assists those with disabilities challenge themselves through aviation. Furthermore, he serves on the boards of trustees at Notre Dame and Smithsonian as well as on the Aviation Advisory Council for Guggenheim Aero Opportunity Fund.

He and Pamela, have three children together: Elizabeth, Kennedy and Austin. They currently reside in Cleveland.

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