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Kim Cattrall, Actress: “Sex and the City”

If you’re a fan of “Sex and the City” you may have heard of the iconic role that Kim Cattrall played in the show. This was an award-winning actress who made her mark as the martini-soaked Samantha Jones. Her character was one of the most beloved on the series. She was the epitome of glamour, and added a sense of relatability to the show.

Kim Cattrall was born in Mossley Hill, Liverpool on August 21, 1956. When she was just three months old, her family moved to Canada. She later married Mark Levinson and was the star of two “Sex and the City” movies. While she’s spent most of her career in Hollywood, she still grew up in the countryside of British Columbia.

After a successful career as an actress in films, such as the aforementioned ‘Sex and the City’, she has become an important player in the studio. The two films earned $300 million on a $100 million budget. They also helped Warner Bros. and their parent company, Time Warner, become one of the biggest profit generators in the industry in 2009.

In addition to her acting career, she’s become a media personality. She has been a frequent guest on shows like ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman, and HBO’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Aside from her roles on “Sex and the City,” she’s also been a part of a number of other projects, including the aforementioned “How I Met Your Father” on Hulu.

Earlier this year, she was nominated for the lead actress award in a comedy series for her role on the show. However, she hasn’t been seen on the show in public since the premiere of season two in November. Although she hasn’t officially confirmed that she won’t be in the show, she’s said she’ll never reprise the role.

In the past, she’s claimed that she’s been approached about reprising the role of Samantha in a third “Sex and the City” movie. She hasn’t said whether she’ll accept that offer, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed she’d already considered it. Ultimately, though, she declined the offer.

Perhaps it was because of her refusal to reprise her role on the show that she was overlooked in the lead actress category. But, she’s made a few minor appearances in the series.

One of the most popular characters was Samantha, and she even invented a subplot of her own. That subplot entails Samantha being reincarnated in the form of text messages sent to Carrie. As a result, fans have wondered if she’ll make a cameo in the season finale.

Of course, it’s no secret that Kim Cattrall isn’t the only star who was turned down for the chance to reprise her iconic role. According to Variety, Michael Patrick King was also rumored to have rejected the offer. Other names being tossed around include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. Sadly, a third “Sex and the City” film was never made.

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