King Justice Taylor

King Justice Taylor is a popular Instagram Star, having made his Instagram debut on April 25, 2007. He became known as the son of rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka The Game and Tiffney Cambridge; with an older brother Harlem and younger sister Cali Dream.

King has chosen to keep his personal and romantic life private and has not provided any details regarding any relationships in which he may have engaged.

Early Life and Education

King Justice Taylor demonstrates her passion for making an impactful difference through numerous charitable projects that demonstrate her dedication. These endeavors help expand her influence while opening doors for future collaborations or projects.

She was the first African-American woman to publish an autobiography chronicling her experiences with the 33rd United States Colored Troops during WWII, where she distinguished herself through teaching and nursing duties in camp and was recognized for both leadership and bravery during wartime.

She finds time for family as well, raising two children – King Justice Taylor and Cali Dream Taylor with former partner Tiffney Cambridge, living together in California in a lavish house.

Professional Career

King Justice Taylor and Harlem Caron Taylor, The Game’s sons and half brothers, share an affinity and are close. Additionally, both siblings share California Dream Taylor – her younger sister has since passed on and now attends California Dream Taylor Elementary school in Los Angeles. King Justice Taylor appears to enjoy spending time with both of his siblings, often sharing photos from their adventures via Instagram and social media platforms such as Snapchat or Snapchat Stories.

At Oxford he participated in both the College Law Society and University Amateur Boxing Club; additionally, he boxed for both clubs during two varsity matches (Oxford against Cambridge).

Taylor was known for his insightful conceptual critiques of various naturalist research programs. Additionally, he was closely associated with communitarian critique of liberal theory’s understanding of self. A prolific writer, Taylor also made numerous influential contributions to political philosophy – particularly with regard to communicating complex ideas to non-specialists.

Achievement and Honors

King Justice Taylor has made great strides through his magnetic presence on social media, opening many doors. Through this influence he has secured multiple collaborations and sponsorship deals from prominent brands and sponsorships.

After working as a lawyer, Taylor established his own law firm in Nigeria where he handled major cases and achieved multiple victories. Additionally, he served as Justice of the High Court of Western Nigeria.

Harlem Caron Taylor, The Game’s eldest son, earned an incredible scholarship to the University of Oregon – something for which he couldn’t be prouder! This achievement will always remain close to The Game’s heart.

Harlem Dream Taylor is Harlem’s younger half sister. Usually, half-sibling relationships tend to be tenuous but Harlem and California share an especially close bond; often hanging out together and even spending time together frequently. California even has her own Instagram account where she displays her modeling and runway walks skills.

Personal Life

King Justice Taylor lives a lavish lifestyle. Often seen accompanying his father, The Game, at basketball games and enjoying popular applications like Snapchat and Tiktok, King is well known to those around him.

At Michaelmas term 1937 from University College London he transferred to Oxford and resided on staircase XIV room 3 which cost PS15 per term. At Brasenose his tutor was Sir Humphrey Meredith Waldock – an esteemed British lawyer and jurist who held the Chichele Chair for Public International Law at Oxford.

Taylor is blessed to have two half siblings – California Dream Taylor (his younger half sister) and Harlem Caron Taylor (from a previous relationship with Tiffney Cambridge), both extremely close. In fact, they often post photos together on social media platforms.

Net Worth

Taylor has displayed outstanding talent across numerous fields, such as music, film and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, she engages in charitable work aimed at increasing awareness and aid for those less fortunate than herself.

King Justice is the youngest son of rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The Game). Born April 25th 2007, he has an older brother Harlem and sister California Dream.

He spends his free time playing games on TikTok and Instagram, boasting millions of followers across both platforms. Family members frequently feature in his videos. With an immense passion for social media content creation and its innovation, this has allowed him to develop into a successful career within this field.

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