Kith Tennis Court Queens

Wilson and Kith Create a Tennis Court in Queens, NY

The Wilson Tennis brand has partnered with Kith, a streetwear and lifestyle brand, to create a tennis court in Queens, N.Y. and a capsule collection of sportswear. Among the tennis pieces in the Kith for Wilson collection are the iconic Wilson Pro Staff 97 racquet, varsity jackets, track pants, and a number of accessories. Some of the accessories include bags, visors, keychains, and tennis balls. These items are also available at Kith’s website, although it’s expected they’ll only be around for a short period of time.

The Wilson x Kith collaboration is meant to celebrate the history of tennis. It also incorporates sustainability into the project. In addition, Wilson and Kith have created a public tennis court in Queens, New York. They resurfaced the court with recycled tennis balls. This is not the first time that the brand has worked with the city, as they have worked to improve and rejuvenate basketball courts in the neighborhood.

Kith has collaborated with several brands in recent months, including Nike, G-Shock, Birkenstock, and Wilson. Founded by Ronie Fieg, a former queens college alum, the brand has been a longtime champion of the neighborhood. As part of this partnership, Kith has provided grants to Queens College. However, this is the brand’s first foray into a lifestyle apparel collection. Featuring 160 styles, the collection is comprised of men’s and women’s clothing, sporting equipment, and accessories. There are 77 men’s styles, 19 women’s styles, and 27 kids’ styles.

The kits include a variety of items ranging from a varsity jacket, to track pants, to a leather bag. Most of the items are inspired by traditional navy-burgundy color pairings, with the KITH logo on an elastic band. A few of the sportier pieces feature collegiate racquets framed with laurel wreaths.

The KITH x Wilson collection will be available on Saturday, September 4 at 1 am. It features a preppy style that mimics the Ivy League uniforms. The collection includes polo shirts, racing suits, visors, and more. Even though the kit is available for only a few hours, it’s a good way to get your hands on a preppy piece of Wilson sportswear.

In addition to the tennis court in Queens, the Wilson x Kith collaboration includes a range of accessories, rackets, and balls. Kith’s signature varsity jackets, polo shirts, and Windsor-style sweaters are also included in the Kith for Wilson collection. And the Wilson Pro Staff 97 racquet, along with a tennis racket bag, are also available in the Kith for Wilson collection.

Kith has been a longtime supporter of the neighborhood, and has provided grants to both Queens College and the Ella Fitzgerald Playground in Queens. Moreover, the brand has designed artwork for the playground. Using tennis equipment from the Ella Fitzgerald Playground, Kith has also worked to revitalize the court.

Both Wilson and Kith are dedicated to creating a sustainable environment, and the two brands will work together to recycle tennis balls. Other projects planned by the pair include designing a tennis court in Queens and creating a pop-up museum for the US Open.

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