Kody Adams

Kody Adams

Kody Adams brings over 30 years of experience to the mortgage industry. At Kinfolk Home Loans, he specializes in offering clients comprehensive service. They take great pleasure in helping bring families home.

Florencia placed Charlotte into an Animus and began recalling memories from Hiram Stoddard who had encountered Consus. Florencia eventually had to remove Charlotte after two hours as her vital signs began waning significantly.

Early Life and Education

Adams is a Marine veteran who breathes new life into items typically considered unusable. His hobbies include playing drums in a drum corps, which requires hard work and dedication. In Arlington community activities he volunteers extensively, mentoring players on Sam Houston High School football team in workouts, weightlifting sessions and other team activities.

He is an expert in history and science. A self-professed “nerd”, he has an expansive knowledge of pop culture referencing movies such as Star Wars or Jurassic Park. Additionally, he loves traveling having visited over 50 countries while speaking four languages fluently as well as publishing multiple books.

Professional Career

Kody Adams is a respected mortgage professional renowned for his company, Kinfolk Home Loans, helping people realize their dreams of homeownership. Additionally, he works as an accountant and enjoys hiking and weekend drift boating on Montana’s Madison River with his wife and their two dogs.

As someone who has personally experienced financial strain, he can empathize with his clients and tailor services to meet their specific needs. His success is due to his dedication and determination, stemming from strong family values. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in accounting from Georgia Southern University. Currently working as a senior implementation consultant for BlackLine.

Achievement and Honors

Adams made his home starting debut, leading a two-play, 82-yard scoring drive in the last 2:19 of play against Montana (9/29/12) that helped Eastern eke out a 32-26 victory at Roos Field and earning him Big Sky Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Adams completed 7-of-12 passes for 75 yards and one touchdown against Weber State (9/22/12). A 25-yard pass to Cooper Kupp in the opening quarter earned Adams recognition from CBS Sports Network for being named as their GEICO Play of the Week.

Kody sacrificed himself to prevent the Templars from retrieving the data box he had saved in the Animus, offering Charlotte comfort as they said their goodbyes and encouraging her to move on with life. Kody then encouraged Charlotte not to mourn his passing and to move forward with life instead.

Personal Life

Cody loves working in small towns, particularly Montana’s wide open spaces. As part of HealthCARE Express’ team that opens new clinics nationwide, he gets to travel the country and meet a diverse array of people.

He is happily married with one son. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and drift boating on Madison River with family. His passion lies in helping others; bringing families home is his joyous purpose in life! He takes great pride in his work and strives for improvement every day. With an exceptional patient rating and dedication to patient education he truly stands out as being an outstanding individual.

Net Worth

Kody Adams has an estimated net worth of approximately $7 Million. She is an accomplished television personality who has hosted multiple hit shows for TV networks such as NBC Sports Network. Additionally, she serves as a reporter on this network as well as working as an American sportscaster working alongside some of the most recognizable figures worldwide.

She is currently ranked in the top 10. Although she lost to Bryan Nuro at Submission Underground 18, she won against Camron Couch, Edwin Najmi and Mauricio Goldez during other tournaments.

Kody Brown is married to Robyn Brown, who possesses an estimated net worth of approximately $600,00,000. Robyn appeared on all seasons of Sister Wives reality show and her earnings provide enough financial security for both herself and the rest of Kody’s family.

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