Lara Parker Net Worth

Lara Parker is best-known for her role as Angelique on ABC Gothic serial drama Dark Shadows and has passed away at age 84. She leaves behind daughter Caitlin, husband Jim Hawkins, sons Rick and Andy (her two nephews), as well as their pet Pearl.

Parker was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on October 27, 1938. She studied philosophy at Vassar College before achieving a Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern (now Rhodes College).

Early Life and Education

Actress Lara Parker passed away peacefully at her Los Angeles home on October 12, aged 84 years. Her daughter confirmed this news. Parker is perhaps best known for playing Angelique on ABC Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows between 1966-1971.

Parker became beloved to audiences around the world with her iconic portrayal of spiteful witch Sabina Spelman on Hawaii 5-0 and The Fall Guy as well as Save the Tiger and Race with the Devil films and television shows. Additionally she appeared in Kojak, S.W.A.T, Hawaii 5-0, Doctor’s Hospital, Doctors Hospital – to name but a few! – as well as numerous others such as Hawaii 5-0 S.W.A.T, Hawaii 5-0 Doctor’s Hospital The Fall Guy Save The Tiger and Race with the Devil among many others!

Parker started writing ten years ago in addition to acting and has published three novels, a short story collection and screenplays since. Her first novel Dark Shadows: Angelique’s Descent was an instantaneous success – becoming a bestseller that was reprinted three times!

Professional Career

Parker began her acting career by appearing on various television programs. Her breakthrough came with Dark Shadows when she earned the role of Angelique and quickly earned herself an avid following of fans.

She also appeared in several movies, such as 1973’s Save the Tiger and 1975 horror flick Race with the Devil. Additionally, she wrote novels inspired by her Dark Shadows character – including Angelique’s Descent in 1998 and Salem Branch in 2006 among many others.

Caitlin Parker and Jim Hawkins, building contractors, had one daughter together named Caitlin. Caitlin is Ann Longstreet Heiskell’s daughter and great-great grandaughter of Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II (Confederate general). Survivors include her husband, daughter, sons, and grandson.

Achievement and Honors

Mary Lamar Rickey, better known by her stage name Lara Parker, achieved international renown for her portrayal of Lara Parker on Dark Shadows and other films and TV shows during her long and distinguished career.

Although she is best-known for her dramatic roles, she is also highly-revered as a comedic actress. Her seamless ability to switch genres quickly has earned her praise from both audiences and critics alike.

Parker was also an accomplished author. In 1998, she published a novel inspired by her character on Dark Shadows which was also voiced for many animated projects demonstrating her versatility as an artist. Parker is survived by daughter Caitlin, sons Rick and Andy as well as husband Jim Hawkins.

Personal Life

Lara Parker Deacon has made an immeasurable mark on both big and small screen media, becoming a well-recognized actress with great acting and modelling talent.

Mary Lamar Rickey was born on 27 October 1937 in Knoxville, Tennessee and rose to fame for playing Angelique on ABC Gothic series Dark Shadows.

She married twice throughout her lifetime, most recently building contractor Jim Hawkins from 1985 until her death in 2023; prior to this she had two sons with artist Tom Parker (Rick and Andy). Additionally, in 1998 the actress published Angelique’s Descent which inspired by her character. She died in Los Angeles at age 86 on 19 June 2023.

Net Worth

Lara Parker net worth is widely recognized for her remarkable acting talent and captivating presence, which made an indelible mark on audiences and critics alike. She starred in multiple renowned TV series and films and left an indelible mark both audiences and critics alike.

Mary Lamar Rickey was born October 27th 1937 in Knoxville Tennessee. She attended Vassar College, in New York and earned a BA. Additionally, she enrolled at University of Iowa to complete all course work towards earning a Masters of Speech and Drama degree.

After starting her career on television, she transitioned into film and theatre; becoming best-known for her portrayal of Angelique on Dark Shadows as well as writing four novels based on this character.

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