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Celebrity Biography – Nick La Rocca

Rocca is a frequent correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley and is often invited as a panelist on various shows such as Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and other programs.

La Rocca’s misleading claims regarding who invented jazz and his labeling of Negro bands as copycat have caused much consternation among jazz historians; some even dismissing him outright.

Early Life and Education

Nick La Rocca was born at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C. His parents own and manage Transemantics, a language and education company. Nick has four siblings including Rosario, Antonia, and Maria Luisa “Tini” Rocca.

He can be found each Sunday morning as a correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning, hosting his own cooking segment “My Grandmother’s Ravioli” on Cooking Channel, and serving on NPR quiz show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Additionally, he serves on several panels of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! as a regular panelist.

Republican Tory Rocca hails from Macomb County in Michigan. His parents, Sal and Sue Rocca, raised him alongside television host/political commentator brother Tory Rocca who has often been accused of engaging in political opportunism relating to his appointment as Macomb County Treasurer.

Professional Career

Rocca became one of the leading draws on the national circuit during his time in wrestling, making appearances in New York, Chicago, other cities across the United States as well as working alongside teams such as Jerry Graham & Edouard Carpentier, Wild Bull Curry & The Sheik.

At Madison Square Garden, he attracted crowds of up to 19,300 when wrestling against Hans Schmidt and Verne Gagne, and teaming with Miguel Perez to claim the NWA Capitol World Tag Team Championship.

Rocca spent his professional life outside the wrestling industry as a lawyer for over 25 years, representing clients in civil and criminal matters according to his LinkedIn page. Additionally, he taught law at Georgetown University for 16 months as well as serving as director of development and alumni affairs for Georgetown Prep from 2014-2019. His expertise included litigation spanning business, family, and criminal law matters.

Achievement and Honors

Rocca has been recognized by the American Physical Society with their Fellow designation, given only to a select few members who have made major contributions to physics and its applications. He is also a member of Optical Society of America and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; for his outstanding optical physics work he has received various awards and honors.

In 2018, Rocca came under scrutiny for his investment strategy and refusal to disclose it publicly, due to his surname being connected with two powerful political families in his county, Sal and Tory. This led many observers to criticize him.

Award given for outstanding academic achievements and community involvement of junior or senior English majors.

Personal Life

Beginning his career by writing and producing children’s shows like Emmy-Award winning PBS series Wishbone, and My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel respectively; as well as providing political satire on news programs.

In 2016, he was shockingly elected county treasurer, even though many voters thought they were voting for an ex-county senator with whom many voters had fallen out.

He’s close with his family, often sharing posts about them on social media. He has two children – Nick and Sarah. Additionally, he’s in a relationship with a musician whom he has been dating for an extended period. She’s openly gay while they reside together in New York City with two dogs.

Net Worth

Rocca is an accomplished television and radio personality known for his dry wit and ability to find humor even in serious topics. He has written and appeared on various shows such as the news satire show The Daily Show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CBS Sunday Morning as well as radio quiz show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and food show My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel.

He is involved in numerous charitable activities and political issues. A member of the Democratic party who supports progressive causes, he has traveled all 50 states. Additionally, his passion lies with food – hosting shows on this subject matter is one of his many hobbies.

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