Latonya Henry

Latonya Henry

Latonya Henry is an occupational therapist located in Montclair, CA who accepts multiple insurance plans – please check with your provider before scheduling an appointment with her.

Hardy currently resides on Guardian Boulevard in Ward 11 on Cleveland’s far west side, a neighborhood she grew up in and where her vision for city governance revolves around development and safety.

Early Life and Education

Latonya Geiter was born in Florence County, South Carolina and attended public schools within her community. She attended Greater St. Stephens Baptist Church as an active member and spent most of her adult life acting as housekeeper/caretaker to family members. Latonya leaves behind Richard R. Denton; son Naziyr Moore; parents Hennings Geiter and Lydia Geiter; stepmother Silvia LaTrice Henry-Walton; siblings Shelton Reeves, Mark Hairston and Dionna Hairston as well as niece Destiny Dynasty Shanice Uriyah as nephews Man-Man, Davon and David as well as extended family/friends

She is a licensed specialist in school psychology and provides psychoeducational assessments, counseling and consultations to children with emotional/behavioral disorders or learning disabilities. In addition, she serves as conduct judicial officer, Title IX hearing officer and board member of a community non-profit.

Professional Career

Latonya Henry was an outstanding mother who ensured Naziyr was well taken care of. She always made time for him, encouraging him to be good person who pursued their goals and ambitions with great determination. She set high expectations for him – all which she ensured were met.

According to LinkedIn, Latonya Henry works at Injury Management Organization as the Manager, Medical Bill Review in Plano, Texas.

She has worked at this company for seven years.

Prior to that, she worked at THE JEWISH HOSPITAL – MERCY HEALTH for four years, as well as one year at AZURE INDUSTRIES. She holds a secondary postgraduate degree in Business Administration as well as being certified e-Procurement Professional; furthermore she excels as both communicator and English proficiency expert.

Personal Life

Latonya holds strong faith and dedicates much of her free time to enjoying God’s natural splendor in nature. Additionally, she enjoys public speaking, reading, laughing, dancing and trying new things – as well as being an attentive listener with the goal of helping others.

She has an affinity for family life and an outpouring of emotion, enjoying spending her free time with her husband, two children and some close friends. Travel is another one of her passions as is taking strolls on the Pier or simply relaxing.

Her commitment to her community can be seen through her involvement with various nonprofits such as Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, LL Cool J’s Jump & Ball, The Schott Foundation for Public Education and Usher’s New Look. She actively advocates for women’s rights, equality and social justice – an avid traveller herself who takes great pleasure in photographing the scenery around her.

Net Worth

As part of the famous Jackson family, she earned recognition on family variety television series before going on to become a successful recording artist. She released country album From Nashville To You as well as Motown album Stop In the Name Of Love; according to estimates her net worth as of 2023 stands at an estimated $1 Million.

Katya Henry is an up and coming fitness model who uses videos to connect with her audience on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, she created the site Workouts by Katya that provides workout updates. Born 14 June 1994 in Minneapolis Minnesota she is 27 years old currently. Her parents are Derick Anthony Henry and Tawnya Lynn Nelson who raised her.

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