Launchpad’s Henry

Launchpad’s Henry

The Launchpad is an innovative digital learning lab accessible to students from preschool through 5th grade. Preloaded with high-quality, ad-free educational apps organized by subject area and theme, its use is made possible by community fundraising efforts; Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition is one of UB Blackstone LaunchPad events held each April.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised on Florida’s Space Coast and exposed to aerospace through his father, who worked for Boeing to help astronauts get into low-Earth orbit. Now Henry works in their Commercial Crew Program where he assists in designing transportation for astronauts to the International Space Station.

His passion in the industry lies in telling stories and finding ways to connect with audiences, but he also enjoys writing with great passion and has plenty of grit. Since entering, he has made his mark by successfully staffing writers on various network and cable series including Jane the Virgin, Graceland, Helix, 12 Monkeys, Beauty and the Beast Rogue and Fosters among many others.

Professional Career

Blue Wire’s Launchpad internship program is an exclusive summer talent incubator designed to foster the next generation of sports media leaders and creators. Launchpad interns work closely with Blue Wire staff on various curated projects, attend workshops and networking events, as well as gain access to guest speakers from all aspects of industry.

Over the past three years, an EMCC student from Henry’s Automotive Technology/Diesel Mechanics program has earned a medal at SkillsUSA Championships – an international career technical competition where over 6,000 career technical students from around the country participate.

Henry leads a team of 47 professionals and student entrepreneurs that include professional staff as well as student entrepreneurs acting as mentors or subject matter experts. He fosters an organizational culture that embraces innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship while honing professional skill sets to assist communities thrive.

Achievement and Honors

Launchpad, Disney’s filmmaking program created for their new platform Disney+ will debut this May with six short films that spotlight underrepresented voices within filmmaking.

Sophia Papalia is a fourth year theater major focusing on directing. Throughout her time at UCSB, Sophia has participated in LAUNCH PAD multiple times; most recently directing Medusa Thread Preview Production this spring and assistant directing mainstage show this summer.

She believes the key to keeping dreams alive is simply not giving up; whether winning or losing, one script could bring you closer to realizing your ideal job.

Personal Life

He is an irreverent yet charming doofus, with an almost comical sense of humor who always remains calm under any intense or dramatic situation. He enjoys spending time with Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby and serves as their protector.

He is passionate about flight, possessing expert flight skills. Additionally, he is a skilled musician, particularly with violin. Co-editing contemporary string ensemble works alongside Mimi Zweig has allowed him to gain greater expertise; plus writing reviews and articles on musical education has given him greater perspective.

Jordan and Henry encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to seize the moment! Both Jordan and Henry found great success following their passion and surrounding themselves with supportive people. Jordan and Henry are thankful for their partnership with Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars and recommend it as an essential course of study for entrepreneurship students.

Net Worth

Launchpad, with his superior strength over brains, is Scrooge McDuck’s trusted sidekick. However, his lack of intelligence has its advantages; as it allows him to pilot planes and other mechanical vehicles effortlessly.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe from Ystrad Mynach have earned themselves a strong reputation throughout Wales and beyond, having traveled widely to perform gigs across America. Now with their next release approaching, The Fund can assist them with its promotion to maintain this momentum and further establish themselves.

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