Leon Isaac Kennedy Net Worth

Leon Isaac Kennedy Net Worth – Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Partner, Wiki and Facts

Leon Isaac Kennedy is an American movie actor. His primary source of income comes from acting.

Prior to his acting career, Leon the Lover was a DJ who also established Kennedy Healing Love Ministries.

He has gained immense worldwide attention due to his charismatic persona.

Early Life and Education

Leon Isaac Kennedy Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Family, Dating Partner Wiki Facts. Leon Isaac Kennedy is an award-winning actor known for his iconic performances on-screen.

Born January 1st 1949 in Cleveland Ohio United States. Leon the Lover has enjoyed success as an actor, film producer, minister and DJ under various monikers including Lone Wolf McQuade (Jackson) and Knights of the City (Troy). As DJ Leon The Lover.

He first married Jayne Harrison in 1971 but eventually divorced her, before marrying Lolita Armbrister since 1995 and bearing three children: Savannah Re, Kopper Joi and Zaire Ollyea. Unfortunately he has yet to disclose his annual salary.

Professional Career

Leon Isaac Kennedy made a name for himself in his early professional years as DJ ‘Leon the Lover’ before venturing into acting – becoming quite successful and earning considerable income as a result of it.

Leon Isaac Kennedy possesses an active ministry as well as acting, having participated in many charitable works and founding his own organisation named Kennedy Healing Love Ministries located in Burbank, California.

This 74-year-old actor is best known for his roles as Jackson in Lone Wolf McQuade and Troy in Knights of the City. Additionally, he has appeared in other movies such as Against the Law and Damages where he played Spider. He enjoys an immense fan following.

Achievement and Honors

From his boxing career to acting and producing work, he has accomplished much. Additionally, his generous nature is evident as he has taken part in numerous charitable causes over time.

He is well known for his roles as Jackson in Lone Wolf McQuade and Troy in Knights of the City, among many other projects. Furthermore, he serves as an ordained minister with his own church called Kennedy Healing Love Ministries.

Leon Isaac Kennedy embodies the Life Path Number 7, often experiencing an intense inner journey and constantly searching for ways to better themselves. Leon has won multiple acting awards as well as writing abilities. Additionally, his leadership in radio and TV has opened many doors for minority actors.

Personal Life

Leon Isaac Kennedy maintains an active religious life as well as acting and boxing careers. He founded his own ministry, Kennedy Healing Love Ministries in Burbank, California; and also opened up his own production company and boxing gym in Los Angeles.

He has worked closely with several charitable organizations to assist underprivileged youth achieve their potential and his philanthropy has earned him great public respect and acknowledgement.

Born January 1st 1949 in Cleveland, USA. Best known for roles in movies such as Penitentiary and Body and Soul. Married since 1995 to Lolita Armbrister with one daughter Cheyenne as their child. People with this Life Path number tend to pursue intense inner exploration.

Net Worth

Leon Isaac Kennedy started out his professional boxing career before turning to acting. Competing in the lightweight division, his record included 21 wins, 6 losses, and one draw in 28 bouts – which helped shape his on-screen persona and contribute towards his eventual success as an actor.

Born January 1st 1949 in Cleveland OH United States. Acclaimed Movie Actor known for portraying Jackson from Lone Wolf McQuade and Troy from Knights of the City. Married Jayne Kennedy between 1970-1982 before later marrying Lolita Armbrister.

He established his own ministry, Kennedy Healing Love Ministries in Burbank. A Christian and father to two daughters, he is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.

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