Liam Kenney

The Net Worth of Liam Kenney

Liam Kenney serves as Executive Automotive Account Director at ROI, a digital marketing agency located in Dallas that caters exclusively to auto dealerships. His background encompasses sports, motorsports and automotive marketing.

Liam Kenney was born on 2 November 1977 and boasts an impressive net worth. Let’s find out more about him!…

Early Life and Education

Kenney devotes his free time volunteering as the Chairperson of a local program that distributes Christmas presents for underprivileged children in his hometown. Although it requires him to put in long hours without seeing friends, Kenney sees its worth when seeing children’s joy when opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

He is a committed member of Cromwell Awareness Youth Action Council and holds various leadership roles at his high school. His commitment and community spirit has won him respect from both his supervisors and peers alike.

Liam credits his hard work ethic as being key to his success. He dedicates himself fully to each task at North River Home Care where he serves as COO.

Professional Career

Liam Kenney has transformed his passion for cars into a successful career. As Executive Automotive Account Director at ROI South, an automotive marketing agency which serves domestic and foreign dealerships throughout the southeastern US region, Liam’s passion has turned into success in his chosen field.

His success at this level hasn’t gone unnoticed and is garnering the interest of those who can assist with taking the next step forward in his racing career. One such meeting was with managing directors from a company which specializes in karting equipment.

His mother Heather also has an extensive business background. She oversees the financial side of North River Home Care in Norwell, Massachusetts as well as being an author. Heather holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Kenney is an accomplished politician who has excelled in automobile, motorsports and marketing fields. In addition, he served as a volunteer in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward and as the inaugural nonpartisan voter registration fellow at Bowdoin College. Presently a law student at Berkeley Law, Kenney specializes in climate policy and voter rights.

Kenny has presided over several EU Council of Trade Ministers meetings and co-chaired a World Trade Organization round during Ireland’s six-month presidency of the WTO. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in bringing a stage of Tour de France to Dublin as well as leading rejuvenation of St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin. Furthermore, he serves as Fine Gael spokesperson on Youth Affairs, Sport, and Western Development issues.

Personal Life

Liam Kenney, an American business executive and the Chief Operating Officer of North River Home Care. With an expertise in finance and an interest in how law affects everyday life, Kenney has an immense passion for helping others.

Kenney enjoys spending time with family and friends. His favorite activities include fishing, reading, playing cards and weight lifting; in addition to watching Boston teams.

Kenney’s sister Winter works at Artemisia Palace. When Queen Levana accused Winter of the theft of a maid from Artemisia Palace, Winter nearly paid the ultimate price but Princess Winter intervened and spared Winter from being executed as punishment.

Net Worth

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