Liam Putnam

Liam Putnam, a Rising Junior at Northeastern University, Has Passed Away

FM Liam Putnam became only non-veteran to earn their first IM norm at this tournament’s IM F section, earning his inaugural norm in this competition.

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Early Life and Education

His upbringing took place in central Maine where he attended public school; later moving to Portland and graduating with a degree in financial economics from the University of Maine. Since joining FLP as a portfolio analyst, his duties include implementing investment strategy, conducting custodial reconciliations and supporting operations through internal audits and client reporting.

Liam has long been passionate about mathematics and has competed in multiple math competitions over a decade. Additionally, he’s an educator with vast tutoring experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. On top of teaching he enjoys reading science fiction novels and playing chess – indulging his other passions as well.

Professional Career

Liam began his success at chess with an indoor recess chess challenge that he accepted, and within two years has made his way all the way to national championships – becoming both National 4th Grade Champion and placing 2nd at K-6 Blitz National tournaments.

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Achievement and Honors

Putnam was an esteemed rising junior at Northeastern University who was known for his dry wit and passion for journalism. He interned with Massachusetts state representatives, co-oped in the Patriot Ledger sports department, and was serving as sports editor of Huntington News when his death occurred.

Putnam served as faculty adviser of The Putnam Prize, an extremely competitive scholarship competition open to all members of the campus community. Furthermore, in addition to his academic career he wrote 15 books and won various national writing awards.

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Personal Life

Bailey Putnam, an incoming junior at Northeastern University, was widely respected for his good-natured humor and sharp wit. Additionally, he excelled academically, interning for Massachusetts state Representative Tom Kean and working as co-op for The Patriot Ledger newspaper.

He was also an expert marksman, swordsman and freerunner who could leap from high places using dual pistols. A member of the Colonial Assassins, he had become close with Shay Cormac until his betrayal.

He and Ella shared five children. After his passing earlier this year and burial at Crawford St Cemetery, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him and a memorial service will take place this week at Thayer Academy.

Net Worth

Putnam was best at home playing supporting roles; from drumming in his high school jazz band and goaltending on his varsity hockey team to serving as editor-in-chief of their student newspaper “the Voice,” where he also excelled as an outstanding sports writer. His family described him as having “found his place” when it came to acting out his roles on campus.

He took a risk in his second co-op by joining the regionals department and covering suburbs west of Boston. His colleagues praised him as being eager and versatile reporter who always seemed ready for new challenges.

Liam can often be found enjoying himself at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City, studying four hours each day and winning NYC Elementary Chess Championship in 2012. Now ranked 10 out of 115!

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