Liam Scully

Liam Scully – A Well-Known Criminal Defense Attorney

Liam Scully is renowned criminal defense attorney. He has represented his clients in hundreds of cases – defending them in murder trials as well as providing DUI representation. Additionally, Liam is highly proficient at both DUI law and his other practices.

Liam Scully has dismissed claims by Britain’s top football police officer that people who attend matches are more likely to use drugs, and points out there has been no supporting evidence for such claims.

Early Life and Education

Liam Scully is a criminal lawyer practicing in Alabama. He represents clients charged with DUIs, domestic violence offenses, drug offenses and fraud as well as grand jury investigations and white collar crime cases. Scully has earned a reputation as an aggressive and experienced trial lawyer.

He received his Law Degree with distinction from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA and served on its esteemed Law Review committee, publishing numerous articles related to criminal law topics. After graduation, he clerked for judges in Massachusetts Superior Court.

His varied experience in law, business, banking and military contracting has given him an edge when running a general practice firm. He is licensed to appear before all state courts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Professional Career

Liam Scully is an esteemed criminal attorney in Massachusetts, known for successfully representing clients accused of all types of offenses such as drugs, firearms, failure to register as a sexual offender, fraud, larceny and operating under the influence. His success earned his renown through an old-fashioned means: winning one case after the next – from investigatory investigations through clerk’s magistrate hearings, trials and post-conviction relief proceedings.

He graduated with honors from Suffolk Law School in Boston, Massachusetts, and holds licenses to practice before all Massachusetts state courts as well as the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts. Additionally, he is a member of Baldwin County Bar Association and practices exclusively criminal defense law.

Achievement and Honors

He has successfully defended DUI cases and serves as a board member of South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program, providing pro bono legal services to those unable to afford civil representation. In addition, he graduated with honor from Suffolk Law School – known for producing great trial lawyers – earning his Cum laude degree.

Liam recently joined FCBusiness to discuss his role as EFL Trust Chair and how its Foundation is helping local communities thrive, as well as what lies in store for its future.

“I feel immensely honored and humbled to take up this role at such an exciting yet crucial juncture for the Trust’s work with Club Community Organizations (CCOs), funding partners, and wider Governmental departments. I look forward to leading it through this difficult yet rewarding period.” – Liam Scully, EFL Trust Chair

Personal Life

Liam Scully is a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts who prides himself on representing his clients with skill and compassion. His stellar reputation precedes him; he has won not guilty verdicts in several murder trials thanks to him.

Attaining both his Bachelor of Arts from University of Lowell and Law Degree from Suffolk Law School. In addition to practicing before all Massachusetts state courts and federal court for District of Massachusetts.

Scully has over two decades of experience working at the intersection between football and communities, beginning his career as an apprentice funded by the PFA before rising through the ranks to Foundation chief executive and eventually Lincoln City’s chief executive officer. He possesses an excellent grasp of how an association between clubs and communities functions seamlessly.

Net Worthliam branger

Liam began life from humble roots but has worked tirelessly to achieve the success he now enjoys. He is recognized all around the globe for his acting, earning considerable sums through movies. Additionally, Liam is involved in theater work and is widely respected within his community.

Recently appointed as EFL Trust Chair after John Nixon’s outstanding and impactful decade-long term in this role. A perfect choice to continue building on our work alongside Club Community Organisations (CCOs) and funding partners across England and Wales to deliver 72 stronger communities, Mr. Ahern is poised to deliver on our collective promise as Trust Chair.

He possesses an array of professional experiences spanning law, business, military contracting, banking and property tax. Currently he practices at Scully Law P.C. in Mobile Alabama.

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