Liam Storch

Liam Storch

Liam Storch is a speedy forward who played last season for Little Caesars 15U AAA and Team Elite Prospects. He’s smart on the ice and adept at switching speeds when necessary.

He possesses a decent shot, though sometimes inconsistent. Furthermore, he’s also an impressive skater.

Early Life and Education

Liam Storch hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. After living in the Philippines and Toronto before relocating to Northern Virginia and Longwood University for his degree in exercise science. Working with children doing school fundraisers and summer camps as well as in an activities department of a skilled nursing facility have all given Liam valuable experiences that he now brings with him to Charleston.

Storch was an esteemed member of the locker room, constantly making teammates laugh while contributing to team goals with selfless puck play. He boasts outstanding skating ability and is often known for getting in front of the net to set up goals – skills he possessed at college hockey’s highest levels as he smartly knows when it’s best to either joke with his teammates or be serious.

Professional Career

Storch may be small in stature, but his skills with the puck make up for that in spades. He’s adept at switching directions quickly while having excellent edgework that allows him to make sharp cuts without losing speed – something which has impressed Prospect Camp and Main Camp participants this season.

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Personal Life

Liam Storch, 16, hailing from Macomb, Michigan recently signed with the Saginaw Spirit this season. Last season he participated with Little Caesars 15U AAA minor hockey program as well as attended both Prospect Camp and Main Camp this summer. At 130 pounds he stands 5’8″.

He possesses a solid shot, strong skating ability, and a hardworking attitude – qualities which allow him to serve either as center or wing player.

He may be small in stature but is an extremely tough player who can absorb hits from anyone without suffering an injury. Additionally, his vision and passing skills make him an exceptional playmaker while his great attitude makes him an exceptional leader.

Net Worthliam branger

As soon as Storch began his career, he quickly amassed millions. His work produced hit songs for various artists while having a profound impact on hip-hop music itself; such was its success that Storch was recognized as one of the most influential producers ever.

Unfortunately, Storch’s wealth was short-lived; much of his money was quickly spent on drugs and luxurious lifestyle choices; eventually he found himself unable to keep up with payments for child support, mortgages and car leases.

Storch has since rebounded as a producer, producing music for many different artists including Trippie Redd and Russ who recently collaborated. Storch currently resides in Florida with his wife and children.

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