Liam Strong

Liam Strong is a Queer Neurodivergent Straight Edge Punk Poet

Liam faces a long treatment journey ahead, and needs our support to reach his full potential. Help us show him and his family our kindness through donations or spreading love and supporting his treatment journey!

Callie knows Liam violated her and helped Stef Adams Foster and Lena Olmstead file reports against him. Additionally, Callie informed Sarah about Liam being an abusive partner.

Early Life and Education

Liam is an accomplished early childhood educator dedicated to expanding children’s access to high-quality education and social equity. He possesses considerable experience managing community non-profit early learning operations as well as advocating for investing in and providing professional recognition and pay for those working in early care settings.

He was an accomplished football player, enjoying spending time with family and friends as well as appreciating nature and its beauty. He had an exceptional sense of humor.

Liam was nervous to reveal his supernatural identity to Mason Hewitt as a recently bitten Beta Werewolf, but was relieved when his confession was met with excitement and enthusiasm from Mason – giving him confidence to help the McCall pack deal with Dread Doctors and newly created Chimeras.

Professional Career

Liam is an accomplished actor who has taken on many challenging roles throughout his career and continues to push himself as an artist. He has made appearances in critically-acclaimed movies and television shows as well as stage productions.

He works for a family of skip tracers who are trying to retrieve Ruby from the Children’s League. Later he and her friends are reunited at a farm.

Liam decides to keep a note for Ruby just in case the Children’s League returns and steals her memories again, creating tension between them and leading to an argument between the two of them. Liam was eventually able to convince Ruby that the note was written just in case this occurs and not because of any distrust between them.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Harrison has made an impressive mark in combat sports, but believes his greatest triumph will come through consistency. The Bad Company member stands one win away from winning the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world championship against Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

He is an avid supporter of Irish football and actively advocates for its national team. Additionally, he advocates cultural initiatives in his home city of New York City.

He is an enthusiastic educator, having held the athletic director position at Tappan Zee High School since 2005. Recognized by multiple professional associations and recently awarded with NFHS Coach Educator of the Year accolades. Furthermore, he and Amy, his wife, are proud parents to four children together.

Personal Life

Liam Strong is a queer neurodivergent cottagecore straight edge punk poet, as well as an alumni of University of Wisconsin-Superior. Their work has appeared in university publications as well as Painted Cave, Dunes Review, and It Djents; additionally they act as chapbook coordinator for Michigan Writers Cooperative Press as well as former editor of NMC Magazine.

Liam attributes his singing talent to listening to musical icons like Ray Charles, Etta James, Sam Cooke and Louis Armstrong when growing up. Their raw, gritty blues-infused soul can be found in every performance Liam gives.

Liam is currently fighting acute myeloid leukemia and all donations to this fund will help his family cover medical, transportation and housing expenses. Thank you for supporting his fight! This non-profit fundraiser.

Net Worthliam branger

Liam Strong (they/he) seeks out rare punk cassettes when not contemplating how best to queer classical philosophy and linguistics into their poetry. A former editor of NMC Magazine, they are currently finishing up their Bachelor’s in writing at University of Wisconsin-Superior; their poems have appeared in Impossible Archetype, Ghost Proposal and Emerald City among other publications; furthermore they act as chapbook coordinator for Michigan Writers Cooperative Press as they live in Northern Michigan.

He first appeared on Coronation Street in 2003 as a pizza delivery man who caught Candice Stowe’s eye, later becoming her partner, but when Maria Sutherland and Gail Platt showed up at the Rovers and informed Candice of his betrayal she unleashed full pizza pizza onto his face as revenge.

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