Liam Tharp

Liam Tharp

Liam Thorp was an incredible wife, mother and grandmother. She was active in church as well as volunteering at Waynesburg hospital escorts and gift shops; crocheting newborn hats for local hospitals was something she also did for charity! Liam was also a member of Whiteley Creek Grange and East Franklin Club.

Miguel Martinez, Liam Tharp and Munro Watters have been reappointed to the AMS Executive for 2018-2019 term. Each member shared about their successes, challenges and lessons learned over this term.

Early Life and Education

He was known for his infectious laughter and bright smile; always willing to go the extra mile when it came to fixing anything mechanical in any form or fashion. His family and friends will miss him greatly.

Liam O’Grady is a federal judge on senior status with the United States District Court for Virginia’s Eastern District, nominated by President George W. Bush to fill a seat vacated by Claude Hilton in 2006. From 2010-12 he served as Chief Judge. A graduate of Virginia Tech and Columbia Law School with notable clients to his name; member of ABA Board of Governors 2008-14 and has been honored as a Leading Lawyer multiple times, Liam has become an indispensable judge at Virginia Tech and Columbia Law School

Professional Career

Twyla Tharp has long been revered as an esteemed choreographer who excels at highlighting individual dancers’ individual personalities through her works.

She has also published an award-winning book on cultivating creativity, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life, while touring her work worldwide.

Kenneth Tharp of Kingwood, West Virginia; her son Jan (Debra) Tharp from Waynesburg; two granddaughters – Sadie Dildine Hunter and Nathan Franks; five great-grandchildren: Bryn Lahew Beau Shannon Xander Tharp Bexley Tharp as well as several nieces and nephews are left behind to mourn her. Floyd J Franks preceded her in death.

Achievement and Honors

Miguel Martinez, Liam Tharp and Munro Watters have been appointed to the AMS Executive for 2018-2019 and will serve as president, vice-president (operations), and vice-president (university affairs), respectively. Among their many accomplishments they identified JDUC redevelopment as one of their biggest successes; though their efforts took 10 years of hard work.

Students achieving a semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher on 12 graded credit hours will receive honors, which will be noted on their permanent academic record. In addition, those making Dean’s List will have their names published in The Journal; those receiving this distinction also receive special commendations from their dean. This list will be released to The Journal on September 23 and recipients of this distinction will be honored at a reception hosted at Vanier Centre for the Arts on October 10; for a complete listing of honours click here

Personal Life

Tharp is widely considered one of the greatest dancers of her generation; yet remains modest and gracious. In addition, she has written several acclaimed books on cultivating creativity, and regularly gives talks at colleges and universities nationwide.

She and her husband reside on their farm near Waynesburg, West Virginia with two sons and one daughter as well as four grandchildren.

she ran for election to the AMS Executive Board and her platform called for moving EngLinks from under the Director of Academics portfolio to that of Director of Service portfolio, which she indicated would require substantial financial commitment. She promised to eliminate EngSoc bubble and implement service metrics across AMS services if she won, however she was ultimately defeated by Team MLM; election was held for seven hours with results kept confidential.

Net Worth

Liam Tharp would seem to have it all: looks, popularity and money – yet despite 17 years of warning from his father not to compromise his future Liam continues to make mistakes and undermine his future. After being kicked out of the house and living in trailer with his gay glam rock DJ uncle he learns that life is about more than seeking approval; sometimes you must make mistakes in order to discover what really matters in life. K L Going’s King of the Screwups is an enjoyable novel!

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