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Lissy Cunningham was born May 5, 1993 in England and is an accomplished model. Learn about her Net Worth, Wiki Biographie, Age and Affairs here.

She is best-known as a glamorous model who frequently appears on Page 3 of The Sun and in magazines like Zoo. Additionally, she works as a makeup artist, boasting an Instagram following of over 44,000 for that platform alone!

Early Life and Education

Lissy Cunningham was born May 5, 1993 in England. Since then, she has amassed an extensive fan following on both TikTok and Instagram due to her unique style and confident presence, which have garnered widespread recognition. Appearances in reputable publications also contribute to Lissy’s growing fame.

She remains grounded despite her success and strives to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives. She serves as an exemplary role model for young content creators and has become a notable presence within the industry.

Chithram, Thalavattom, Odaruthammava Alariyam and Mutharamkunnu P.O are some of her notable films; she also boasts a successful modeling career with many high-profile endorsements that has resulted in a substantial net worth.

Professional Career

Lissy Cunningham, best known for her appearances on The Sun’s Page 3 and magazines such as Zoo. Additionally, she is a makeup artist with over 44,000 Instagram followers on makeup Instagram and signed with Samantha Bond’s modeling agency in Manchester, England where she attended school choir; Latin and ballroom dancing training is included within that profile. Hannah Cunningham is Lissy’s older sister.

Her career as a model has earned her plenty of money, and she is known for her sizzling hot body. She regularly posts nude pictures to her social media accounts in an effort to gain followers and attract agencies; so far she has participated in over 17 photo sets.

Achievement and Honors

Lissy was one of the most sought-after glamour models during her time. She regularly graced Page 3 of The Sun newspaper and was featured in publications like Zoo magazine. Lissy also works as a beauty artist – her Instagram makeup account boasts over 48,000 followers!

She made her film debut with Malayalam film Ithiri Neram Othiri Karyam in the ’80s and went on to appear in numerous Tamil and Telugu flicks as well. She is best-known for roles she portrayed in Chithram, Thalavattom, Odaruthammava Alariyam, Mutharamkunnu P.O.

She enjoys leading a private life and prefers not sharing much about it with the media.

Personal Life

Glamour model Lissy Cunningham is widely known for her appearances on The Sun’s Page 3 and magazines such as Zoo. Additionally, she is an accomplished makeup artist with over 48,000 followers on Instagram for her makeup Instagram account.

Hannah grew up in Manchester, England where she was an active participant of her school choir. Additionally, Hannah has experience dancing both Latin and ballroom styles and boasts an older sister named Annabelle.

She has appeared in both Malayalam and Tamil films, such as Chithram, Thalavattom, Odaruthammava Alariyam, Mutharamkunnu P.O and more. Neither Chithram nor Thalavattom were notable films with which she made an impactful performance; notable ones among these are Chithram (in Malayalam), Thalavattom (in Tamil) Odaruthammava Alariyam and Mutharamkunnu P.O. With regard to personal life she remains single as yet and has tattoos across her body – she’s big fans of horror flicks!

Net Worth

Lissy Cunningham is an influential Instagram Star from England who has made waves in modeling. Born on May 5, 1993 and 30 years old now, her zodiac sign is Taurus; and she has an older sister Hannah.

She embodies the five digit life path number, making her both resourceful and ambitious. Dedicated to reaching her goals, she always puts all of her energy and focus into each project she undertakes.

Relationally, she keeps her personal and professional lives separate. To date, she has not married nor had any children, although this section will be updated as more information comes available about her dating history; currently we can only speculate as to what lies ahead for her in terms of romantic commitment.

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