Lock Nightmare Before Christmas Cosplay

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cosplay – Lock, Shock and Barrel!

The trick-or-treating season is upon us, and you’re likely looking for ways to get your kids into the Halloween spirit. This year, consider giving your kiddos a chance to channel their inner mischievous devil with some help from The Nightmare Before Christmas’s gang of troublemakers, Lock, Shock and Barrel!

This officially licensed Disney costume is designed to help your little one look just like Lock, the leader of Oogie Boogie’s trio of evil henchkids. Featuring a red and black design, this costume is sure to be the hit of the party! The costume also comes with a foam mask to ensure that your kiddos are able to imitate Lock’s creepy leer with ease.


As a member of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen, Lock and his friends Shock and Barrel cause mischief all over Halloween Town. Whether it’s stealing a pumpkin, bringing back Santa Claus or throwing snowballs at people, these three are all about causing trouble!

Despite being considered an antagonist, Lock is actually more of a good guy. After all, he’s only a child, so he can’t be expected to completely ignore Oogie’s bullying and threatening nature. However, he is also very loyal to Oogie and will do whatever it takes to appease him.

He loves causing chaos and may be a bit too much of a prankster for his own good, but Lock isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He has pale off-white skin, yellow sclera eyes with black pupils, red hair styled into devil horns on his forehead and sharp teeth.


As one of Oogie Boogie’s witches, Shock is more like a girl than either Lock or Barrel. She dresses in purple, with black tights and a red hat, and her voice sounds very much like that of a girl.

She doesn’t let arguments and fights between the three last too long and diffuses them as quickly as possible. She is most often seen in her tattered witch’s dress, though she also wears a white and pink outfit that is similar to Sally’s.

The only thing that makes Shock’s outfit a bit different from the other two is that she has an owl on her shirt, which matches her pigtails and her green eyes. She also has a purple skirt and black boots to complete her look.

Her costume is a little too long for her to easily walk, but it is not difficult to make this outfit work. She can also wear the same white and pink outfit as Sally, which is a perfect match for her purple dress.

This costume is great for both boys and girls. It is made of a cotton blend fabric and is available in toddler, infant, and junior sizes.

The costume is easy to put together and includes a sleeveless top, pants and shoes. It also has a wire-supported pointy tail to add the perfect devilish detail to the whole look.

This officially licensed Disney Lock costume is the perfect choice for your little one to play out the role of the evil henchmen from Tim Burton’s classic The Nightmare Before Christmas! This costume is a must have this holiday season for your little ones to channel their own devilish side and play plenty of tricks on all of their friends.

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