Lois Henry

Lois Henry – The Valley Girl

Lois Henry epitomizes the classic valley girl. She’s been there to support her neighbors during various crises – like the 2020 CZU Fire – but this time was especially daunting.

Her journey began long before Lompico even existed – she was already leading the way then!

Early Life and Education

Lois Henry spent her life following God’s leading and never regretted following it to missions work, specifically in Honduras where she joined World Gospel Mission and joined its work force.

No matter the challenges she encountered in her service to family. She was an attentive wife, mother and grandmother who took great pleasure in providing for them all.

Lois was an exceptional woman who remained dedicated to her work even after departing the board, inspiring many with her strength and support. Many will miss her memory; Lois will forever remain an example for all who know her; we thank Lois! Thank you, Lois. We love you.

Professional Career

Lois Henry was an enthusiastic Christian missionary who pursued her Lord’s calling with passion and perseverance. A member of World Gospel Mission, Lois traveled to Costa Rica first to hone her Spanish language skills before traveling overseas to Honduras.

She taught at a mission grade school in Tegucigalpa, and became entranced with its culture. She would travel there two to three times every week.

Paulie warns Henry against engaging Tommy and Jimmy in cocaine smuggling operations, yet Henry continues to involve them. Karen bails them out but Henry keeps all the equipment used for coke theft which he later destroys when police arrive. Lois Henry later served as president of Lompico Water District board as well as volunteering at local hospitals.

Achievement and Honors

Lois Henry has earned numerous awards and honors throughout her distinguished career as both an artist and teacher at California State University, Dominguez Hills for over 54 years.

She has strived to create opportunities for students of color to excel academically. Additionally, she is very involved in community service organizations and charitable groups.

At Lompico Water District during a time of turmoil with its merger with San Lorenzo Valley Water District, she served on its board for eight years as sole dissenting vote and tireless worker and public servant. After eight years she is seeking some rest after unselfish volunteer service; hopefully to return in November 2022.

Personal Life

Lois Henry was an exceptional wife, mother, and grandmother who always put her family first. Though not fond of sports herself, Lois never missed an event her sons had; even traveling with them to different places. Additionally, she served on the Water District Board where she helped stabilize a faltering utility service provider.

She was an ardent Bible believer and dedicated her life to answering God’s call of winning souls for him. She will be sorely missed by all those she touched – husband Jay Henry; daughters Carisa Tuttle and Michael Henry; grandchildren Chad, Jason, Jennifer; as well as two great-grandchildren will mourn her absence as will many friends she left behind – especially family who she treasured above all things else in this world.

Net Worth

Tom Bergeron and Lois have been married for decades and own two mansions; Jessica is employed at ABC as a production assistant after having graduated from Emerson College.

Jerry Lewis has done extensive charity work over the years, such as hosting an MDA Labor Day Telethon and Special Olympic competitions, as well as making appearances at award shows with his children.

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