lokens orders

Loken and the Jedi Order

Early Life and Education

Recent studies reveal the significance of human interaction, mentoring, and parenting as effective skill development strategies for shaping multiple life skills throughout a lifespan. Human capital research, particularly work on parent-child interactions as emergent systems and formalization of attachment theory, centers around these principles as the core tenets. Furthermore, their findings serve to rationalize and unify treatment effect literatures with family influence literatures. These results imply that investments made during periods t+s supplement investments made previously and make it much simpler to remedy early disadvantage at later stages, thus echoing evidence on critical and sensitive investment periods for developing different life skills.

Personal Life

Loken was an instrumental figure during some of the darkest times for the Order. He played an essential role in protecting its headquarters on Tython and served as close adviser to Dagon Oparus – two positions held by few Jedi Masters at that time.

After his time on Iridonia, Loken began searching for force-sensitive children on hostile planets and training them. Soon thereafter, when hearing that the Jedi were moving to Tython, Loken took his Padawans and Knights with him and quickly made their way there to preserve what remained of the Jedi community there.

Loken encountered an unstable Xavyer Jubal who attacked him and his Luna Wolves squad before turning into an uncontrollable warp corruption abomination – Loken was strong enough to recognize what was happening and dismiss this miscreant entity as wrong and reject it from further attack.

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