Loumonth Jack

Loumonth Jack Jr. and Abbey Conner

Abbey Conner, 20, died after she was found face down in a pool at a resort in Mexico and her organs were donated for transplant into Loumonth Jack Jr, 21. Abbey’s heart was then transplanted.

Bill Conner made an amazing journey on his bicycle over 2,600 miles on Father’s Day to meet Jack. As they shared an emotional minute-long embrace, Jack gave him a stethoscope so Conner could hear his daughter’s heartbeat again.

Early Life and Education

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) These words of wisdom were especially poignant for the father of a young woman who donated her heart to save another’s life.

Abbey Connor died after falling into a hotel pool while vacationing in Mexico in January, with her organs donated and Loumonth Jack receiving her heart.

Conner decided to honor his daughter by biking 2,600 miles across America to meet Abbey’s donor, Jack. On Father’s Day he arrived at a camp near Ventress Louisiana where they found Jack ready with a stethoscope and an embrace – together they listened to Abbey’s heartbeat while listening to three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren as well as numerous family, friends and Street Hogs Brotherhood family members who loved her so deeply.

Professional Career

Abbey died aged 20 after drowning during a vacation to Mexico, prompting her family to donate her organs – her heart saving Loumonth Jack from having only 10 days left of life.

At five months posthumously after her passing, Bill Conner took to his bicycle and rode 2,600 miles from Wisconsin to Florida in pursuit of the goal of visiting the hospital that had recovered her organs for donation. On Father’s Day he reached his destination – and met Jack!

Conner and Jack shared an embrace before Jack pulled out his stethoscope so Conner could hear Felicia Hampton’s heart beat against his chest and immediately burst into tears. Jack leaves behind children Genevive Haydel, Felicia (Leroy) Hampton, Racquel Warren; his siblings Ricky Jack and Yvette LaGrange as well as 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Loumonth Jack was honored with a scholarship created in her honor by the Street Hogs Brotherhood of New Orleans Chapter to remember her legacy. Her survivors include daughters Genevive Haydel, Brandy Jack and Racquel Warren as well as sons Ricky Jack and Germaine Jack as well as sisters Shirley Coburn and Gladys Armand as well as grandchildren.

On Father’s Day, donor father Bill Conner rode his bike outside Ventress in Pointe Coupee Parish to meet Jack, who received Conner’s daughter’s heart after she died in January. They exchanged greetings before Jack gave him a stethoscope so he could listen for his daughter’s heartbeat.

An emotional encounter went viral on social media. The men shed tears as they heard Abbey’s heartbeat; an indication of life inside him all along. The moment has been described as one of the most powerful and moving encounters in organ donation history.

Personal Life

After Abbey died at 20 in a Cancun resort pool, her father Bill Conner decided to travel over 2,500 miles on his bike journey toward Florida in order to cope with her loss. Five months into this endeavor, however, Conner made a special detour into Baton Rouge so as to meet Loumonth Jack Jr, her heart donor.

Jack had been given only 10 days to live after suffering a heart attack, so his donor, Abbey, provided him with one. On Father’s Day he could listen to his heartbeat with his father listening with a stethoscope.

Abbey had decided to become a donor shortly after receiving her driver’s license at age 16, saving the lives of four other individuals through her generous act.

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Early this year, Bill Conner touched hearts across the country when he pedaled from Wisconsin to Louisiana on his bike to meet Loumonth Jack Jr. — who received the late daughter’s heart after she tragically passed away from drowning at 20 years old.

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