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Jewelry Designer Luca Lena Carlsson

Jewelery has long been seen as a sign of power, status and wealth; moreover, it can also symbolize love, friendship and loyalty.

Human Rights Watch conducted a review of 13 jewelry companies’ responses and efforts to manage supply chain human rights risks, and has posted the information here on GemBlog for your reference. For more information click here.

Early Life and Education

LUC is the initials of Jana L Rooth, her stable friend and trainer who first inspired her love affair with horses – the letters also recalling how this love affair ignited its core products for sale under LUC brand.

Luc + Finn are committed to offering only top quality jewelry and loose stones at reasonable prices, having founded their small business after struggling to locate replacement stones for an engagement ring diamond that fell out.

Their jewelry is created primarily with 14k Gold Fill (not to be confused with gold plated which only adds one thin coat of the precious metal), which is both sweat and water proof and won’t turn brown or copper over time. Furthermore, whenever possible they utilize recycled materials and can even repurpose any inherited or loved pieces into new designs for you!

Professional Career

Luc specializes in finding the ideal stone for each client. Her expertise in gemology and jewelry design make her the ideal partner to add timeless yet meaningful jewelry pieces to their collection.

She prides herself on offering honest and fair service to customers, working closely with local designers to stock only high-quality pieces.

She has worked with a variety of clients including celebrities, models and VIPs. Her designs draw inspiration from popular culture and equestrian lifestyles and have been showcased both on television and magazines worldwide. Furthermore, she has designed jewelry pieces for various licensing companies like CBS, Marvel and Disney.

Achievement and Honors

Luc is a renowned jewellery designer and goldsmith, known for creating one-of-a-kind diamond and rare gemstone jewellery designs that stand out. Additionally, he specializes in redesigning old jewellery – with more than 35 years experience designing and repairing precious jewellery pieces.

He has won multiple awards for his jewelry designs and business achievements, such as winning the best jewellery designer award from the Canadian Jewellers Association. Additionally, Luc has been featured on multiple television programs and magazines.

Nature’s Beeline LLC sells Luc & Finn jewelry as an authorized distributor, making high-end pieces more affordably accessible to the public. However, Nature’s Beeline does not make or offer warranties on any pieces sold and many pieces bear a LUC makers mark which indicates Lucoral Co’s manufacturer.

Personal Life

Jewelry designer Luca Lena Carlsson draws her inspiration from stable life to craft luxurious and feminine accessories. Equestrian life provides her with numerous forms that she captures with precious metal; such as stirrups, curb-chains and bits found within this collection.

Luca Lena favors 14k Gold Fill + Sterling Silver when crafting her jewelry pieces, as this metal type is resistant to water, sweat and will never tarnish unlike GP (gold plate) jewelry.

Luca Lena also offers a special order service that helps customers locate hard to find stones and jewelry pieces at an affordable price. Please see our Contact page for more information, while Luca can repurpose any inherited or treasured jewelry into something new for you to wear. All Luca Lena designs use ethically sourced materials in accordance with EU Charter of Fundamental Rights guidelines.

Net Worth

Lucara was born to wealthy parents and estimated his net worth at $34 Million. His investments span multiple business ventures such as jewelry making and selling coffee shop franchises under his brand. Additionally, he collects vintage baseball memorabilia while known for his generous giving to various charitable causes – even becoming a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences!

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