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Lucas Gibb – Midland Roundtable Athlete of the Year

Lucas Gibb will no longer need to wear pads during his final year at Great Falls as one of two Billings players selected as Midland Roundtable Athletes of the Year this summer.

Bill Lucas believes schools must stop treating soft skills as optional but instead prioritize them as core subjects, and can be read here in full.

Early Life and Education

Lucas is a football standout at Billings West with an outstanding GPA (4.6) and an ACT score (35), making him an attractive college prospect with potential scholarship offers from various institutions.

David Gibb has an exceptional talent for writing and composing music specifically tailored for children, having composed two albums dedicated to families with the folk acoustic duo David Gibb and Elly Lucas (his solo career and membership of their folk acoustic duo).

This duo perform a mixture of original and reworked traditional folk songs using guitar, melodeon, and voices for an unforgettable listening experience. Touring widely across the UK they also write theatre productions with work being presented at Sage Gateshead, HOME Theatre and artsdepot among others.

Professional Career

Gibbs has been actively engaged in many professional endeavors over the years. He currently specializes in luxury properties as a real estate broker in Vero Beach, Florida where his clientele live. A member of John’s Island Real Estate Company and dedicated to his work he takes great pride in doing it well.

St. Pauli avoided relegation to the Bundesliga during his first season at St. Pauli, with him helping prevent relegation under German coach Rudi Voller and defeating Bayern Munich to earn them the name “weltpokalsiegerbesiegers.”

Gibbs, an exceptionally gifted athlete who had his pick of college programs worldwide to play football at, decided to stay at Billings West as part of its state championship football team and is honored as being its sole male valedictorian with both a high GPA and ACT score.

Achievement and Honors

Barry Gibb, his late brothers Maurice and Robin (known by fans simply as The Bee Gees), became one of the most iconic music acts ever with The Bee Gees, selling over 200 million records worldwide and receiving numerous honors and accolades in return.

Gibb is also an accomplished author and performer. He has written several children’s books as well as appearing on several television programs. A member of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he has won multiple awards for his work.

Gibb is the proud father of five children and married to Alexandra. He attended Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington before enrolling at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver as an American national with English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. As an avid sports fan he supports Billings Bulldogs and Denver Broncos teams.

Personal Life

As an author, Gibb has published several books. Additionally, he has been hired by organizations such as Andersen Press, Warwick Arts Centre, HOME, artsdepot and English Folk Dance and Song Society to write songs or run projects for them.

Barry Gibb, Jr. was born September 8, 1977 to Barry and Linda Gibb. Following in their footsteps as musicians, Barry Jr. entered the music business.

He is married to Theresa Halman Gibb and they share one son together. Currently based out of Maumee, Ohio – where he attends the Evangelical Christian Church of Lucas County as well as cycling, hiking and camping for fun; cooking being one of his passions as well. A gamer himself with an avid gaming website called Two Wheels for two wheels gaming enthusiasts!

Net Worth

Gibb is a highly esteemed singer, producer, and songwriter best known as one of the Bee Gees’ members; one of history’s most successful groups. It is estimated that Gibb has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $150 Million.

He married Maureen Bates in 1966 but divorced three years later. Soon thereafter he met Linda Gray whom he wed three years later in 1970.

They purchased an extravagant waterfront mansion for $1.58 million – approximately the equivalent of around $4.6 million today – located on 1.6 acres and featuring 16,000-square feet.

In 2006, Gibb and his wife made the decision to purchase Johnny Cash’s former Tennessee residence and make renovations, only for disaster to strike when a fire started in one of the outbuildings and completely devastated most of their plans for renovation.

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