Lucas Rosales

Lucas Rosales, 7, Disappeared While Fishing on April 29

Lucas Rosales, aged 7, went missing while fishing near Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton on April 29. This prompted police and volunteers to search the Great Miami River extensively for him.

His father, Agustin, expressed his appreciation to all those who assisted in searching for his son while still grieving the loss of his youngest child.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Rosales was an engaged member of his community. When he went missing during a family fishing trip in Dayton, Ohio, it sent shockwaves through loved ones and the community alike. According to his obituary, he was an outgoing and vibrant youngster whose presence touched all who met him.

Police reported that a 7-year-old was last seen near Eastwood MetroPark on Harshman Road at 6:40 pm Saturday wearing a white shirt with black sleeves, black pants and black Converse sneakers. There is no reason for concern in his case according to People reports.

More than 400 acres of land and water, including the Mad River and Great Miami River, have been searched for Rosales by multiple agencies collaborating in her search effort. Crews have deployed boats with thermal imaging devices, aerial and underwater drones as well as SONAR equipment in this search effort.

Professional Career

Lucas Rosales was born with amniotic band constriction, a rare condition caused by the entrapment of fetal parts within fibrous amniotic bands during gestation. Marisela and Octavio Rosales’ firstborn, Lucas spent his early years playing sports, riding bikes, and honing his one-handed golf swing until becoming nearly a scratch player.

Since he went missing while fishing at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton on Saturday, his family have been conducting extensive efforts to find him. These include draining a pond, using underwater and aerial drones as well as SONAR devices in search of him.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Rosales, an Air Force pilot who has flown both the F-16CJ Fighting Falcon and MQ-9A Reaper aircraft, has served in a wide array of missions for over 2,600 flight hours logged – earning awards such as Outstanding Unit Award and Commendation Medal from his peers in service.

Lucas Rosales went missing while fishing at Eastwood MetroPark two weeks ago and his body has now been recovered from the Great Miami River. While his family have found this time to be extremely trying, they remain grateful to all those involved for helping find him.

Rosales, who currently plays midfielder on College of the Desert’s men’s soccer team, has signed a letter of intent with California State University Los Angeles to play. Rosales received 2020-21 CCAA All-Academic recognition during his inaugural year with COD’s program.

Personal Life

Lucas Rosales was an energetic and friendly child who loved soccer. According to his family, Lucas always had a smile on his face and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Two weeks ago, a seven-year-old boy went missing while fishing near Eastwood MetroPark near Indianapolis. This event led to an extensive land and water search including crews searching nearby ponds as well as Mad River.

Numerous individuals have spoken out against Lucas Rosales’ case, calling it tragic and asking that everyone remember his family in prayer. Augustine Rosales has been arrested on charges of rape and sexual battery of a minor and is being held in jail.

Net Worth

Augustine Rosales of Dayton is currently being held at Montgomery County Jail on a $1 Million bail and charged with sexual battery on a child under 13 and rape of a child under 13.

His family claims he was playing near them and their father before leaving to join other members of his family so as to not scare away any fish. A relative told News Center 7 she heard someone cry, then heard a splash.

Lucas Rosales went missing while fishing at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton on Saturday and is still missing today, according to authorities and crews searching both land and water for him. On Monday, his parents encouraged all to continue praying that Lucas is found. Additionally, social media video went viral showing an apparent body floating in the Great Miami River that may belong to Lucas Rosales.

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