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Lucas Thomas Bouquet

Lucas soon after his survival of Mullendore’s torture became bitter and violent, snapping at friends and quickly becoming offended by others.

Lucas discovered a copy of Lord Raylan’s last will while searching Harris’ room. Together with Leonard, they decided to search south towards Oldtown for Dairon.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Thomas was an exceptional leader and fighter – both qualities which set an incredible example to those around him. His kindness to strangers was something all can emulate.

Bouquet was deeply committed to theatre during his 40’s and 50’s career; indeed he treated it like a sacred mission that could rival that of monastic life – his acting pupil Fabrice Luchini often likened him to one.

His first notable film role was as Robespierre in Jean Vilar’s adaptation of “Exit The King”, where he demonstrated both physicality and charisma to make an immediate impression in this prestigious part. Additionally, Anouilh featured him as Dany Robin’s cynical brother in Two Sous De Violettes (1951).

Professional Career

Bouquet was an impressive stage actor, yet his screen performances were even more astounding. His performing style focused on subtlety and psychological introspection; this enabled him to convey an array of emotions with simple gestures and body language.

His first film role came in Jacques Chabrol’s classic La femme infidele (1969). This was also his initial collaboration with Stephane Audran – Chabrol’s wife at that time and later her co-star on other films.

Bouquet was outstanding as Charles Desvallees, his unfaithful husband. His ability to transition seamlessly from dull bourgeois type to passionate murderer seemed natural and effortless; while also giving the character some comic relief. For his outstanding performance he earned himself the BAFTA award for Best Actor.

Achievement and Honors

Students received Bouquet of Recognition awards for excellence in quality assurance, information technology, human resources, foundation, hospitality and culinary operations, facilities management as well as mission support services. Angelina C. and Antoni S. were recognized with all-parish honors for their performances in the All-Parish Honor Orchestra while Kathryn E. placed second in the You Be the Chemist local challenge.

Bouquet found great satisfaction in theatre during his 60’s career, treating stage work as an act of worship and expanding his range from classical canon to Eugene Ionesco’s theater of absurdism.

He was cast in a new production of Moliere’s Tartuffe and provided narration for Chabrol’s documentary L’Oeil de Vichy. Truffaut even played a practical joke on Bouquet by likening his melancholic/tormented persona to that of Coral from Le Temps du Loup – much to his amusement!

Personal Life

Lucas is a quiet individual who firmly adheres to the ideals of knighthood. He’s always polite and calm around others, being respectful toward superiors while remaining extremely loyal towards those he considers friends. Sometimes he can be harsh towards people who do not take him seriously but otherwise can be quite forgiving.

Lucas felt intense guilt after his cousin Lunett was brutally killed at the hands of Maron Mullendore and experienced emotional scarring and mood changes as a result. This experience left him emotionally damaged and vulnerable to sudden mood changes.

Lucas and Samantha initially got along quite well, with Samantha particularly enjoying his humorous sarcasm. But her feelings toward Lucas changed after he took her along to Oldtown where he killed her.

Net Worth

Maryann Lucas primarily works in oils, and is part of the East End artist community. Her paintings seek to highlight all that is beautiful and brilliant about life despite any dark spaces. She has studied with some of her favorite artists like Michael Klein and Dennis Perrin.

Lucas first encountered Argella during the events leading to Harris’ downfall and was immediately drawn in by her strength and power. Recognizing her value as an ally, Lucas decided to reveal Harris’ crimes to her and help restore her sense of self-worth.

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