Lucid Wayvee

Lucid Wayvee – Stand Out From the Crowd and Push the Limits of Style and Progress

Vans Pro Lucid Wayvee skate shoe was built from scratch with input from skaters who understand what it takes to push style and progression to its limits. Equipped with Duracap toe caps for durability, interior LuxLiner lining for lock-in fit and our revolutionary WaffleCup outsole, which provides cupsole support with the vulcanized boardfeel demanded by skaters, this shoe was engineered specifically to meet these challenges head on.

Early Life and Education

Stand out and push the limits of style and progression with our most visually expressive shoe to date, our most visually expressive shoe ever! Crafted with suede, leather and translucent mesh materials and finished with ghillie eyelets for additional lace protection – not to mention our revolutionary WAFFLECUP(tm) outsole which provides cupsole support with vulcanized boardfeel – you won’t miss a step wearing these beauties. DURACAP reinforced toecaps add durability while an interior LuxLiner(tm) ensure a consistent fit over its lifetime!

Professional Career

Lucid Air Dream was his inaugural design, intended to combine the interior space of an SUV with sports car-like handling characteristics. Still in development, this car has already earned numerous acclaims from automotive magazines. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist; serving on boards of multiple non-profit organizations and contributing millions towards improving lives around him.

The Vans Skateboarding Lucid Wayvee was developed from scratch with input from skaters who know what it takes to push style and progression forward. Equipped with our durable DURACAP(tm) toe cap for durability, a LuxLiner(tm) for lasting lock-in fit, and supported by our revolutionary WAFFLECUP(tm) outsole that gives skaters cupsole support with vulcanized boardfeel, this shoe delivers exactly what it promises – something no other skateboarding shoe can.

Personal Life

Attract Attention and Advance Crafted with input from skaters who understand what it means to push the limits of style and progression, Vans Pro Lucid Wayvee Shoes feature an all-new upper construction made up of reinforced translucent mesh quarters for optimal breathability and flex, and featuring our revolutionary WAFFLECUP(tm) outsole which delivers the cupsole support skaters need while offering incredible vulcanized boardfeel.

Net Worth

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