Lucinda Daniels

Lucinda Daniels – Former District Director for Congressman Al Green

Lucinda Daniels, Green’s former district director, filed claims of hostile work environment and sexual harassment; Green counterclaimed against Daniels by alleging she is using these claims as leverage for financial gain by seeking hush money settlements from them.

Luce and Daniel are bound by an eternal curse to love each other forever, yet are reincarnated every seventeen years. Over the course of this book, they encounter Arriane Gabrielle Roland Todd Shelby to help break this bond and break free.

Early Life and Education

Irna Daniels was born and raised in Batrica, Guyana by a strong and supportive family who instilled strong values into her. Her tenacity made her an inspiration. Irna’s aggressive nature drove her toward success.

At Shoreline Academy she met Daniel Grigori, Arriane Alter, Gabrielle Givens Cameron Briel Todd Hammond among many other Nephilims; with whom they became great friends.

She and Daniel fell deeply in love, yet were forced to become mortal and be reincarnated together. Later, in Rapture, she discovered she used to be an angel third in line for the Throne.

She argued with Lucifer to prevent him from wiping their pasts away and ended up creating a loophole in Heaven’s Roll Call system, leading her to make sacrifices that led her and Daniel closer than ever before. To preserve their bond forever she forfeited everything including memories she held dear.

Professional Career

Lucinda served as District Director and Counsel for Congressman Al Green’s Ninth Congressional District of Texas, overseeing constituent casework as well as identifying local issues which may need addressing via legislative action. Her duties included planning and implementing local events of importance to constituents within this district as well as planning community projects pertaining to their district; overseeing constituent casework oversight and identifying issues which need legislative solutions.

She previously held the Earl Carl Institute’s associate director for student development, special projects, and publications roles. Additionally, she earned a bachelor of public policy degree from Jefferson State College.

Lucinda believes that giving back is an integral part of living. She holds tight to the belief that even small acts of kindness, like giving someone a smile or offering up some help, can change someone’s day and commits herself to continue her efforts to assist others – she credits Dilcey Daniels and Vera Mae McCarter among others for their continued encouragement.

Achievement and Honors

Lucinda Daniels is the daughter of Harry and Doreen Daniels and holds them close in her heart. They adore her immensely as well.

Luce used to be an archangel and third in line to the Throne. She fell in love with Daniel Grigori and at their Roll Call they chose each other over heaven or hell; both were punished and cursed with eternal life together if either touched their pasts again.

They found a solution by traveling back in time to the time of the Roll Call and asking the Throne for permission to break their curse, providing they surrender all memories and be reborn as mortals – both accepted these terms so they could finally remain together forever.

Personal Life

Luce Daniel is descended from Calaway Daniel, who was the youngest of eleven children his mother gave birth to and died at 52 from pneumonia.

Robert Daniels was an active member of the United Methodist Church and an ardent family man. Throughout his life, he worked hard and dedicated himself to family and community – something Irna Daniels greatly admired him for. Bernard Daniels of Queens, NY; daughters Norma, Vivienne, Waple; grandsons Melissa & Sean Harry as well as great granddaughter Nawla Williams were his surviving family members.

Green has had an ongoing dispute with one of his former district directors who accused him of sexual harassment and said she received money from Green to get sexual favors from her. When this claim was later dropped in 2008, Green filed a counter lawsuit alleging she threatened him with discrimination charges if she did not receive payment from him.

Net Worth

Daniels most notable role was as lead in the American TV political drama ‘Newsroom’ which premiered on HBO on 24 June 2012. She quickly rose in popularity and received multiple award nominations, as well as being featured in other movies such as 2014’s ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ which grossed nearly 170 million worldwide and grossed Daniels an estimated net worth estimated at $5 Million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Tiffany disappeared from Pensacola in 2005 and her case remains unsolved. Her family began to suspect that she may have been abducted and brought to New Orleans, possibly where she would have been trafficked into prostitution services.

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