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The Relationship Between Lucy Kalanithi and John Duberstein 2021

Having lost a spouse, two kids and a job in the last six years, Lucy Kalanithi has been through it all. Her husband Paul was a neurosurgeon by trade and a philanthropist by choice. He passed away at age 38 of lung cancer while writing his best selling memoir When Breath Becomes Air. It was a difficult time for Lucy and the family and she acted as a kind of guardian ninja. After her husband’s passing, she began to re-engage in life and re-found a true love. She has been a relationship coach for the past seven years. She has also authored the book, The Happiness Project.

One of the more difficult things to do as a single parent is the logistics of living on opposite coasts. Although they live in California and North Carolina, respectively, the two cities are geographically far apart. Aside from a few sibling spats, the children get along well enough. They stayed in touch via email, although there was a time when the family lived in different countries.

While they did not actually talk on the phone, they became pen pals. It turns out that Lucy actually had a flurry of emails after her husband’s passing. They wrote each other a lot and became more intimate in the process. As for the most part, the couple still wears their wedding rings. They have a three-year-old daughter named Cady and a 10-year-old son named Freddy. They live near San Francisco and North Carolina.

While Lucy and John have not made any public declarations about their relationship, the two have been friends for some time. They have even visited each other’s respective hometowns. For example, they have both visited Brooklyn this fall. In the past, they had no interest in seeing each other again, but with the exception of a couple of tense moments, they are very close. This past December, they had a mini reunion of the ilk. Among other things, the pair went out to dinner. The tastiest meal was the chicken noodle soup.

The most notable thing about the relationship is the fact that both partners are now doing the best they can to help each other heal. Aside from a few sibling squabbles, the two have forged a newfound love. The couple has been known to spend hours reminiscing about their childhoods. They are also planning for the future, as evidenced by the wedding ring on their left ring finger.

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