Lutisia Moss

Who Is Lutisia Moss?

Moss has been actively engaged in several charitable causes aimed at children. Additionally, he serves as an analyst on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown programming.

Lutisia and Eric, his brother who briefly played in the NFL. Eric is a Christian.

Early Life and Education

Moss was born in Rand, West Virginia and attended DuPont High School (later consolidated with Riverside) where he excelled at football as well as basketball, baseball, and track. During his senior year he was arrested for marijuana possession and resisting arrest; serving only 3 of a 27 day sentence. Unfortunately he was denied admission to Notre Dame due to racially charged fight and consequently decided to attend Florida State instead; also, having two siblings named Lutisia and Eric who briefly played professional football while creating Links for Learning foundation which helps West Virginia children in 2008.

Professional Career

Moss briefly played for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL before moving to Charleston, West Virginia with his wife Libby Offutt and children Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus, and Montigo. Eric Moss also participated in professional football during this period as a tackle. Libby Offutt is his partner and together they share five children: Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus and Montigo.

On November 24, 2009, Moss traveled back to Charleston, West Virginia in order to distribute Thanksgiving dinners to families in his area. Unfortunately, he only remained for a short while due to Patriots practice later in the day in Boston. Moss is an active supporter of Korey Stringer Foundation which raises money to prevent ALS research – Stringer died suddenly aged 27 shortly after Moss completed his rookie season with Vikings.

Personal Life

Moss was raised in Rand, West Virginia. At DuPont High School – one of the two that later amalgamated to form Riverside High School – he excelled in football, basketball, baseball and track & field while serving on its debate team.

Since joining the NFL, he has actively been involved with, founded and funded various charitable endeavors intended to assist children. These have included donations of clothing and food to needy families; hosting autograph signing events; as well as bussing them to amusement parks and NBA games.

Moss and his partner Libby Offutt have four children together: Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus and Montigo. He professes Christian beliefs as demonstrated in his Hall of Fame speech. Additionally, Lutisia and Eric were once teammates on the Minnesota Vikings football team before Eric moved into offensive lineman.

Net Worth

Moss amassed considerable wealth during his 14 years as an NFL player, thanks to lucrative contract deals, bonuses and endorsements that contributed to maintaining a net worth of $25 Million. Furthermore, he earned significant funds as both a television sports analyst and assistant head coach of Victory Christian Center High School in Charlotte since June 2014; both roles he currently holds with Fox Sports 1’s Fox Football Daily show as well as two additional properties located in Long Lake and Lincoln that he owns and currently drives with Lexus sedan car as his vehicle of choice.

He is the son of Maxine and Randy Pratt and has one sister, Lutisia. Eric played as an offensive lineman with both Minnesota Vikings and Scottish Claymores.

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