Lyle Thomas

Lyle Thomas

Thomas was a chemist working for the Department of Agriculture who specialized in tropical soils. As such, he became an authority on testing samples for radioactive contamination as well as testifying in front of Congress.

He arrived in Melbourne during mid-1889 when the University had just implemented its separate degree in science, and, along with (Sir) Baldwin Spencer, was responsible for setting it on strong foundations.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in Cody, Wyoming in 1933 to parents who ran a dude ranch near Yellowstone. After attending University of Wyoming he earned a degree in animal husbandry.

He joined Melbourne University’s staff in 1889 at a time when an individual science degree was being introduced; along with two other notable arrivals – (Sir) David Masson and (Sir) Baldwin Spencer – they were chiefly responsible for its successful establishment on a firm foundation. He later served on a royal commission on technical education.

Lyall Munro Jr is the son of Gamilaro elder Lyall Munro Snr, who became the inaugural Aboriginal member of the New South Wales Legislative Council. Today he serves as local leader and vice-chair for Moree Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Professional Career

Thomas has long combined abstraction and figuration, pushing the limits of painting, collage and printmaking. Her photocollages printed directly on metal, which she embellishes with gestural drawings enhanced with multicolored rhinestones for added dimensionality, present viewers with new perspectives. Their fluidity points towards identity fluidity as well as cultural collectiveness as well as historical changeability.

She is well-equipped for undertaking some of the most challenging and complex litigation within the federal legal system, from postconviction death penalty work (AEDPA and Federal Habeas Corpus) and capital appeals in Post Katrina New Orleans, to numerous 42 U.S.C 1983 actions challenging mass solitary confinement, ultra vires behavior of state agencies and whistleblower defense involving electronic discovery including Wikis, Metadata and ESI files as well as Federal Writs of Mandamus for constitutional violations as asset forfeiture defense and parallel civil-criminal proceedings.

Achievement and Honors

Lyle arrived in Melbourne three years after a separate degree in science had only recently been established; with his and Baldwin Spencer’s assistance, it quickly established an effective base. Lyle also introduced systematic laboratory instruction for physics as well as initiating his own small research program.

He received numerous honors throughout his career, such as being awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal and receiving an Honorary Doctorate from National Law University in Delhi, before being appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to the United States.

The Unsung Champion of Advising award recognizes individuals who do not hold formal advisor positions but nevertheless consistently exert a substantial, positive influence over students in an informal mentoring capacity. Successful nominees will demonstrate initiative and service to both their community and fellow classmates.

Personal Life

Thomas was a minister in congregations in Broxburn, West Lothian and Uphall of the Free Church of Scotland and wrote several articles that contributed to Scottish philosophical thought. A magazine invited him to take up Sir William Hamilton’s position at Edinburgh University as professor of logic and metaphysics based on these writings.

As chairman of the National Parks subcommittee, he wrote legislation to increase funding and management reform for America’s national parks. In addition to these activities, he was actively engaged with issues of social security, trade, rural health care, and tax reform.

He currently serves as an Assistant News Editor at Sky Sports News and is actively active on Twitter, writing numerous articles related to football and offering his insights during sports shows.

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