machinist jack

The Machinist Jack

Machinist Jacks are simple projects that use only basic techniques. Each jack consists of a long nut cut down to length and machined flat on one side for use as its foundation.

The top loose piece is also knurled and equipped with an all-through hole to accommodate a hex key, helping it remain still and avoid slipperiness.

Early Life and Education

The Machinist Jack is an adjustable screw jack used on drill presses, milling machines and planers with adjustable screw and swivel head that can be set at any position. Crafted out of cast steel for greater lifting capacity (approx. 454kg (1000lbs), production time should not take more than several days by following some basic techniques. You will require 1″ round or hexagonal rod, two nuts, a 1-in. long 5/16 – 24 machine screw and an 11″ long 5-jaw chuck, tailstock drill chuck and lathe for assembly.

Achievement and Honors

Jack was a loving husband and father as well as an accomplished artist and precision machinist, having worked on projects such as space spider cages for launch into space and Skylab shower head manufacturing. Extremely patriotic and dedicated to his country, Jack belonged to Mayfair Church of Christ in Huntsville where his faith could flourish fully.

He served in the Marines during the Korean War, learning discipline, courage and brotherhood along the way. A talented combat artist, his work can be found displayed at Parris Island Museum, Marine Corps Archives and Leatherneck Magazine – and was an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed sports activities.

Personal Life

Jack Wilson was known for doing his best no matter the difficulty. A tireless worker and dedicated family man, he enjoyed sharing his tales of adventure with anyone willing to listen.

Jack was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and held various church appointments throughout his life. Additionally, he enjoyed competing in both pistol and rifle shooting with master ratings in each discipline.

Jack joined the Navy after graduation and served four years of active duty, followed by eight in the reserve, receiving both National Defense Service Medal and China Service Medal awards. Following retirement, he and Celia settled down in Meeker Colorado; camping trips and vacationing to Mexico became highlights.

Net Worth

Machinist’s jacks are a type of jack screw or jackscrew (a type of jack operated by turning a leadscrew), featuring an adjustable screw and tilting swivel head for levelling purposes on drill presses, milling machines, planers and any other place where levelling may be necessary. Their lifting capacity approximates 1000 pounds.

Machinist Jacks are simple projects that you can complete using just some steel rod, two jam nuts and a long 5/16-in machine screw. In addition to serving as an excellent way of learning lathe techniques, this project offers another convenient method of testing them at home! You can find one online at an attractive price point.

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