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84 Lumber CEO Maggie Magerko Wants to Help Brownsville Schools Purchase Metal Detectors

Maggie Magerko, owner of 84 Lumber, understands the power of fresh perspectives and collaborative effort for success, so she donated money to Brownsville Schools so they can purchase metal detectors for school children.

She is breaking with tradition in her male-dominated industry by forging strong ties between mother and son. Read on to gain more insight into this fearless entrepreneur!

Early Life and Education

Maggie Magerko remains mindful of her roots despite becoming a successful businesswoman, still regularly visiting his 84 Lumber locations and inviting him to sit in on important company meetings.

She strives to promote an image of women as business leaders. In 2015, she made headlines when 84 Lumber became certified female-owned business enterprise in Cleveland.

Success for this businesswoman stems largely from her hard work ethic and determination, which she imparts to Max. Under their combined guidance and with their hard-working spirit combined together, this pair are showing that gender norms don’t need to limit them in reaching success; their relationship is truly inspirational.

Professional Career

Maggie Magerko has quickly made her mark in the construction world through her humorous sense of humor and strong work ethic as CEO of 84 Lumber. By showing that women can thrive even in male-dominated industries, Maggie is making waves in this sector.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s Owner has long been recognized for her leadership in the building materials industry and throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Recently she received the 2017 Champion Award from Women Builders Council as recognition for taking responsibility for employees, customers, and communities 84 Lumber serves.

Maggie Magerko combines an accomplished business career with being the proud mother of an extraordinary son, P.J. They represent true #couplegoals: an example of how powerful teams can overcome any obstacle to achieve success together.

Achievement and Honors

Maggie Hardy Magerko is an outstanding mother who knows exactly how to keep her family content and healthy. From business success to her charming son PJ’s enthusiasm and support of one another throughout their lives. Maggie has created an unbreakable family unit that stands strong no matter what may come its way.

Mother-daughter duo Kimberley and Tom Varano make time to have some fun and show their playful sides while supporting local artists such as performance speed painter Tom Varano.

Under Maggie’s direction, 84 Lumber has experienced extraordinary expansion. Now boasting more than 250 stores nationwide and WBENC-Certification status. Additionally, Forbes named it to their list of America’s Best Mid-Size Employers twice over.

Personal Life

Maggie Hardy Magerko is more than just an accomplished businesswoman–she’s also a dedicated mom devoted to raising an A-Team of children who all possess unique abilities, yet are bound together by their fierce determination for success.

Josh may not share her irreverent sense of humor, but he certainly shares her drive and dedication to work. His natural leadership abilities and strong work ethic have allowed him to forge his own path within the company.

After the school shooting scare in Brownsville, Maggie Hardy Magerko donated $7,300 to purchase metal detectors for local schools. Her generosity has united the community while showing she won’t shy away from standing up for what she believes in. Maggie’s brother PJ never fails to lighten any family gathering with infectious laughter and endless curiosity!

Net Worth

Maggie Magerko is the proprietor of 84 Lumber and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, both established by her late father. She inherited their fortune and currently stands at $1.4 billion in assets.

After her father’s passing, Maggie took it upon herself to save 84 Lumber and its hundreds of stores from financial collapse. Even amid the housing market crash, Maggie managed to turn around the business, now operating it more efficiently than before.

Maggie puts business first but is an attentive mother to her A-Team of children. Together with Max, Maggie is defying traditional expectations by showing that a successful career and fulfilling family life can coexist peacefully.

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