Maisie Williams Green Dress

Maisie Williams in a Green Dress From Thom Browne

The Game of Thrones star has been making headlines as of late, and while she has been busy with the show, she has also been spotted out and about in the fashion world. She has been photographed in the big apple, Paris, and London and has popped up in some of the more fashionable neighborhoods. So, what exactly is she wearing? Apparently, she’s been hopping from one fashion show to another. Here’s a roundup of some of her best looks so far.

One of her more impressive looks was a dress from Thom Browne’s upcoming fall collection. The dress was a bit of a throwback, but the designer’s signature ruffle at the bottom made for a fun and flirty take on the sexy. As for the rest of the outfit, it was pretty simple: black pants, black boots, and a black clutch.

A little further down the path was a look that sported a white turtleneck and snake print mini dress from Kenzo. On top of the dress, Maisie sported a matching pink face mask, and her clutch and sunglasses were both a nod to her East Coast roots. Lastly, she donned the tiniest of tats, a tiny black shoulder bag. With a bit of forethought, this look could be easily worn on a regular basis, not to mention be a ton of fun to wear.

Having been a devotee of the fantasy series for eight straight years, it’s no surprise that Maisie has become the poster child for all things GOT related. During this time she’s slayed the blue carpet, snagged a trophy, and been dubbed the biggest name in the room. She’s also been nominated for the best supporting actress award for her work on the show. And, of course, she has a few awards of her own to show for it. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it should give you a good idea of where she stands in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, she’ll keep up the good work. Until then, here’s to the maisie. aka: Maisie Williams. We’re teasing. Probably the best thing she’s ever done. It’s an honor well deserved. Hopefully, this is a stepping stone towards her big break in Hollywood.

Another thing Maisie has been ruminating on is the game of thrones. While her role is a bit limited, she’s got an impressive back story. For starters, she’s played the famous Pamela Rooke. Although it’s not easy to play a character who’s incompetent, she’s handled it with style.

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