Malia White Net Worth

Malia White Net Worth – Reality TV Star and Yachting Expert

Malia White is an American reality television star best known for her appearances on Bravo series Below Deck Mediterranean. Currently she serves as both diving instructor and deckhand.

She hails from a regular family and has two brothers – one who served in the military – whom she considers her brothers as brothers. Her father worked at a boatyard, helping to foster her fascination for boats and sea travel.

Early Life and Education

Malia White first rose to fame as one of the cast members on Below Deck Mediterranean reality series. Now a certified dive instructor and yachting professional, Malia earns an adequate income through yacht work as well as earning tips from her guests.

She developed an early interest in sailing and the sea, traveling the globe and studying engineering at Maritime Professional Training – eventually she hopes to become a yacht captain one day!

Malia White first joined Below Deck Mediterranean as a deckhand on Sirocco yacht, later earning promotion to bosun. Now she returns for season five of this series as an outstanding philanthropist having donated time and talent to numerous charitable causes.

Professional Career

Malia White has quickly earned herself a name as both reality star and yachting expert. Since the debut of Below Deck Mediterranean, she has made appearances on multiple shows including this one and worked on various yachts before amassing an extensive following on social media platforms such as Instagram.

She serves as an enormous source of inspiration to fans of the show and serves as an important role model to young women across the globe. Additionally, she’s an active philanthropist who regularly makes contributions to various charitable causes.

She has steadily worked her way from green deckhand to bosun, and will appear on Below Deck Mediterranean season five aboard a 150-footer named Wellington.

Achievement and Honors

Malia White is an esteemed yachting expert who made headlines when she made history by becoming the first female bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean. Additionally, she holds her certification to dive and has an unquenchable desire for adventure – frequently seeking thrilling experiences which she documents on social media.

She quickly rose through the ranks on the show and earned herself the role of lead deckhand within just one season due to her hard work and no-nonsense approach, earning the respect of both co-stars and viewers alike.

Malia is currently single but in the past was romantically involved with two of her Below Deck co-stars: chef Tom Checketts and engineer Jake Baker during seasons five and six respectively. Additionally, Malia formed an unlikely but strong friendship with fellow bosun Eddie Cibrian.

Personal Life

Malia White is an amazing hardworking and determined individual who serves as an example to others who strive to excel. She believes that by dedicating oneself, one can accomplish anything they set out to do.

She is an active individual who takes part in numerous outdoor activities. Additionally, she regularly dedicates time and resources to those in need.

Malia was born July 20, 1990 in Fort Lauderdale Florida to American parents working in a boatyard and raised alongside five older brothers. No information has been disclosed to the media regarding Malia’s parents; she identifies herself as Christian with Cancer zodiac sign as her zodiac sign and currently single. Malia currently makes a good living as an experienced yachting professional on Below Deck TV series and she makes no secret about it!

Net Worth

Malia White is an excellent example of the power of hard work and determination to bring success. She has become a pioneer in yachting industry and built up an enviable fan base. Malia serves as an amazing role model and inspires others to pursue their goals.

She is best-known for her role on Bravo reality show Below Deck Mediterranean, a series that chronicles crew life aboard a megayacht during charter season. This series has significantly raised her visibility and contributed to an increase in net worth.

Tom Checketts, a yacht head chef and sailor, and Malia are currently in a relationship; often sharing pictures from their adventures together on Instagram. Prior to that, Malia dated Adam Glick and Wes Walton.

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