Maplestory Lucid

Maplestory Lucid Guide

Maplestory Lucid is the new area leader of Lachelein in Arcane River. A former Black Mage commander, Lucid now has the power to control dreams and spread joy around the globe.

Phase One: As she fights, she will spawn lines of flowers which players must avoid by jumping onto platforms; falling off will incur damage. Players also need to clear butterflies that spawn randomly throughout the battle (requiring Trumpet skills).

Early Life and Education

Lucid was born as an elf in Elluel and, like Athena Pierce, spent much of her youth under Danika. Lucid developed a deep respect for Mercedes, the Queen of Elluel; therefore she strived hard to earn her praise and gain her approval.

Lucid first made her first appearance in Maple Live as an unnamed dream master who created an illusion of a destroyed Maple World within the Gate to the Future, then later being revealed in Shade’s storyline as an elf with the ability to control dreams and further introduced into Lachelein’s narrative as someone with whom Shade had an intimate connection. She eventually gained further backstory within Lachelein.

Black Mage: Labyrinth event offers several endgame bosses that must be defeated to unlock her. She can be defeated after clearing Hard Will, Verus Hilla and Chaos Root Abyss; however, her hybrid design offers high ranged damage along with powerful AoE capabilities.

Achievement and Honors

With the recent housing update and all of its features, Maplestory now provides many opportunities to earn. One easy way is via the shopping window: send an NPC shopping for 9 hours and they will return with furniture! Furthermore, you may earn rewards by completing quests or just playing the game itself!

Maplestory Bosses Ranges 2022 (Reboot)

Here is a list of MapleStory Bosses with different damage ranges that you can fight after completing their prequests, such as Hard Magnus, Chaos Vellum, Papulatus Lotus Damien. Unfortunately Akechi Mitsuhide needs several prequests completed before you can fight him, however. Also click their lightbulb icon for further instructions!

Personal Life

Though Ibaraki had experienced incredible resilience while in Purgatory, she still found it challenging to adjust to life as an immortal. She kept to herself and lived an entirely private existence – visiting Mushroom Shrine only when she felt she needed someone else for support.

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