Marjorie Main Net Worth

Marjorie Main was an acclaimed Movie Actress born 24 February 1890 in Indiana. She rose to fame through her role as Ma Kettle in 10 installments of the Ma and Pa Kettle film franchise.

She began her career performing Chautauqua presentations, before branching out into vaudeville performances.

Early Life and Education

Marjorie Main is an accomplished American character actress known for her wide array of achievements and recognition from several prestigious organizations and accolades from several awards shows. Additionally, she manages to keep her privacy while living in the US.

Originating as Mary Tomlinson, Marjorie Main adopted the stage name Marjorie Main after winning an elocution competition around 1910. Beginning as an actress-singer and making her Broadway debut in 1916. Following this, Main joined a Shakespearean repertory company while touring Chautauqua circuit; during this time she married psychologist and lecturer Stanley Krebs.

She later made numerous film appearances alongside Wallace Beery; most notably as Ma Kettle in 10 installments of Ma and Pa Kettle franchise films.

Professional Career

Marjorie Main was an American character actress and singer of Classical Hollywood fame, best-known for playing Ma Kettle in all ten installments of the Ma and Pa Kettle film franchise. Additionally, she appeared in numerous other movies and TV shows, including Westerns.

Main began her acting career as a vaudeville performer before making her Broadway debut in 1916. She toured the Orpheum circuit, working with stock companies from Fargo and North Dakota; replacing a lead actor in Cheating Cheaters production and appearing alongside W. C. Fields at New York Palace Theatre’s in The Family Ford.

Main became well-known for her powerful, commanding stage performances that could easily translate to screen roles as tough and salty characters such as Ma Kettle in 10 Ma and Pa Kettle films, earning her nominations for Golden Globe Awards. Furthermore, Main was known as an avid Spiritualist who believed she could communicate with those on the other side – something she often did while filming movies!

Achievement and Honors

Marjorie Main was a veteran actress who appeared in over eighty films over her long career. She was best-known for playing Ma Kettle in a series of films featuring Pa Kettle; additionally, her performance as Widow Hudspeth in Friendly Persuasion earned positive reviews from critics.

Main began her professional life as a vaudeville performer before making her Broadway debut in 1916. She often assumed strong roles, such as that of Dude Ranch operator in 1939’s The Women.

She was deeply spiritual and believed that the dead spoke to her; often seen conversing with her late husband while on set. She passed away on April 10, 1975 in Los Angeles at 85 years old.

Personal Life

Marjorie Main was born Mary Tomlinson on 24 February 1890 in Acton, Indiana and began her acting career on stage, appearing in many Shakespearean shows and several movies such as Yes or No and Burlesque. Known for her strong, forceful performances she was often typecast into aggressive roles that fit with her distinct voice; for instance she also featured prominently in the 1937 film version of Dead End with Stanley LeFevre Krebs until his untimely demise in 1935. She was married until 1935 before divorcing her husband Stanley LeFevre Krebs died.

Main was known to donate most of her earnings towards charitable causes throughout her lifetime, especially animal protection organizations and children’s organizations. Aside from acting, Main also held down ranching duties successfully. Furthermore, in the 1940s she co-starred alongside Wallace Beery in several movies as an actress.

Net Worth

Main was an acclaimed American actress and soundtrack artist with an impressive net worth. Her contribution to American cinema remains undiminished, leaving an outstanding legacy behind.

Main was first known for her vaudeville work before making her Broadway debut in 1916. A popular choice, Main often played harsh and domineering characters like Dude Ranch owners.

In 1956, she appeared as the lead character in the civil war drama film Friendly Persuasion and earned a nomination at the Golden Globe Awards for her performance.

Main also dabbled in business ventures. She owned and managed a cattle ranch in California as an indicator of her entrepreneurialism and determination to succeed outside the entertainment industry. Additionally, Main was known to support numerous philanthropic causes. Unfortunately, Main passed away at just 66.

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