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Marla Raderman and George Thorogood

Marla Raderman, an American professional photographer married to famous blues-rock musician George Thorogood, has become a key component in his life and career, accompanying him on tours while documenting both life and music.

Rocker George Thorogood recently established the Marla Thorogood Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research to honor his late wife who died from this disease last year. To raise money, they are hosting a special promotion throughout September’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Early Life and Education

George Lawrence Thorogood is an American musician and singer best known for his high-energy boogie-blues style. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Thorogood began his musical career by mimicking Robert Johnson and Elmore James styles in the early 1970s before later co-founding The Delaware Destroyers with high school friend, drummer Jeff Simon.

The band became an international success with hit singles such as Bad to the Bone and Move It Over becoming familiar tunes across generations. Additionally, they released multiple albums as well as participated in concerts across multiple locations worldwide.

Marla Raderman and George Thorogood have been married since 1985, sharing one child together. Raderman has played an instrumental role in Thorogood’s life through photography – she chronicles their life together through pictures.

Professional Career

George Thorogood and the Destroyers have made a name for themselves as one of rock music’s fiercest bands, yet in 2017 released an acoustic-centric solo album called Party of One that took them back to their acoustic roots.

The album featured covers of classic songs by John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor and Hank Williams’s “Move it On Over.” Recorded in 1974 for Rounder Records’ early folk label – it eventually became a huge success and became known for being groundbreaking folk album.

Thorogood and Raderman’s daughter Rio perform in his band and are essential components of its success. She often travels along on tours with them and provides photographs for promotional use.

Achievement and Honors

Thorogood established the Marla Thorogood Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research following his wife Marla’s passing from this disease in 2019. To raise money, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center receives funding through the fund. As part of their fundraising effort, The Destroyers released limited-edition teal t-shirts commemorating Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2019.

Fans who purchase the T-shirt will have an opportunity to post photos wearing it to Instagram or Facebook using official team tags, and be automatically entered for a chance at winning a virtual meeting with George Thorogood, as well as an acoustic performance by him!

Raderman is an American professional photographer known for her contributions to the music industry. She is known for her images featuring various musicians, and offers an engaging perspective that is dry yet playful and filled with humor.

Personal Life

George Thorogood’s wife is an internationally recognized professional photographer renowned for her stunning images that have appeared in international publications as well as his albums. Additionally, she boasts extensive arts experience such as musical theatre and dance.

BB is an internationally touring singer, nationally acclaimed teacher, and internationally acclaimed martial artist. For three decades she has studied the voice and body; beginning by chanting synagogue chants to formal classical voice training & jazz at age 18.

Last year she returned to her acoustic roots with the release of Party of One. This album includes a cover of Sonics’ Shot Down on side A and her original song Ain’t Coming Home Tonight on side B.

Net Worth

George Thorogood and Marla Raderman have amassed significant wealth. Through assets, money, and income generated over many years they have amassed their fortune; yet they prefer living an austere lifestyle.

Rio Thorogood is their daughter; their union dates back to 16th July 1985. Together, their bonds remain strong.

George Thorogood has created the Marla Thorogood Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research as a way of honoring his late wife. Partnering with Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center to raise funds, he plans on offering limited edition shirts at live shows in September to support this cause and all proceeds will go toward supporting cancer research facilities. In addition, free tickets will also be distributed as a show of his appreciation from his fans.

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